Goodtimer might just bring your parent-child war to an end, and it's 30% off now

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How nice. Using a robot to judge and coerce your children. What could possibly go wrong?


If you are paying enough attention to your kids to notice they are misbehaving, turn this thing upside down, have a discussion with them, AND hang around during their time out to make sure they don’t turn it right side up when you aren’t looking you don’t need this thing. If you aren’t already that engaged you are not going to actually use this thing after the first week.

And I guarantee you that on the first day this thing is in use siblings are going to realize they can torture each other by turning each other’s good timers upside down to deny them good time. This will lead to physical violence very quickly.


Big Mother is watching you.


I’m picturing a burgeoning black market for Goodtime tokens, and home invasions for Goodtime tokens. Once you make them the most valuable thing in their lives, they will do whatever it takes to get them from their siblings and friends.
Wait until one of them figures out he can just ask Alexa to order a thousand of them.

Seems like the kind of thing that could easily be implemented without the aid of a $50 gadget. Indeed, parents have been rewarding kids for good behavior for decades at the very least.

I don’t see cameras and no mention of AI to recognize the behaviors being tracked so I assume this is very much a manual process, and this thing a glorified timer with a light.

The next best thing since the Skinner Box.

I’m kind of on the fence with this, but if the result of parents using this results in better behaved children, especially in public, then I don’t think I can criticize.

It won’t.

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Teknocholer’s Law:

Any BoingBoing Shop headline may be improved by replacing the words “might just” with “won’t”.


This is good training for later on, when they’re working at Amazon for example. Get your kids used to automated activity monitoring now, to help them become happy workers later!

Oh glob. I’m currently reading Jesper Juul.

This is something like an anti-Juul.

What’s funny is it could be either Jesper Juul you’re talking about!

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