Google asked to delist criticism of cartoonist Donna Barstow




Already, if you Google Barstow as indicated by the link in the post, even though Ken White’s deconstruction is still the second result, at the bottom of the page, Google sez:

In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at


You can’t copyright stupidity.


Au contraire.


I’ve never seen cartoons more worthy of criticism.


Good grief, and I normally like Slate and The New Yorker.


I like how in this California cartoon:

… she’s trying to make a bad joke about wanting to get rid of those CRAZY LIBERALS who live on the coasts, but I’m going to guess that the fact that ~99%* of California’s GDP (not to mention biodiversity) comes from those places has flown right over her head.

*You might not want to quote me on that


Damn. I already knew you could trademark and patent it. I was hoping copyright was the last holdout.


Another gem:

If this lady were interested in me (I’m a guy), I might have to feign gayness as well haha


From a previous BoingBoing article about Barstow: “Barstow’s cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker”.

That makes me think of the phrase “Christ, what an asshole”, which seems appropriate.


Please tell me there’s more panels in that particular cartoon.

My own country, Canada, offers birthright citizenship. In fact a quick check of Wikipedia: Jus soli shows 36 countries with outright birthright citizenship, and 13 more that have it with some restrictions.

Apparently Donna Barstow’s comics are as honest and accurate as they are funny.


Actually this one strikes me as an illustration of how some people might react when they learn they’re dating a bisexual. It’s just not a very clever or amusing illustration, even if we assume she bought those flowers herself.


Oh I think you’re right — I’m just being a dick, as this lady seems like a total expletive expletive.


So when a girl dates a heterosexual male she says “He loves me, he loves her…”?


Haha. There’s always the possibility that she doesn’t realize that Canada is a developed country.


She may not realize Canada is.


Anchor baby?

I thought that meant you couldn’t go out on the town on Saturday night after you had kids.


Hmm, shows up as the first result for me now :smiley:


Possibly. If he’s dating her and another woman at the same time…yeah, this one was built on a shaky premise to begin with and it doesn’t take much for it to completely fall apart.


I kind of want to know the whole story. I mean, it kind of stands as a poignant moment that lets you imagine a story for these three people.

But you certainly get the impression that for Barstow, it’s a punchline simply that it is possible for there to exist a bisexual man torn between two romantic partners of different genders. It’s not an invitation into a story at all.