Google cracks down on The Federalist & ZeroHedge for violating race-related content policies, may permanently suspend access to Google Ads revenue

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Does Google have Fox on their ad platform as well? :thinking:


Millions? I had no idea that displaying Google ads was so lucrative.


So these are two of ten websites? What about the other eight? I mean, great start, but if the “websites would make millions of dollars” then eight of them still are.

(edit) or are the other eight not advertising on Goggle? I should probably read the original article.


Who funds the federalist?

How will Meaghan‘s family get by without this ad money? Will she have to divorce Ben & go on welfare?


Good riddance. ZeroHedge, in particular, is a morass of conspiracy theories and nuttery.


Uh, oh, Google…get ready for an extremely snippy call from someone asking to speak to your manager.


Working as intended?


Zero Hedge is Bulgarian owned.


Sometimes you can get an interesting article or two and some links from ZH but once you wade into the comments there, you wind up swearing it off. I hate that site because it is knowingly sneaky.

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“The Federalist” does a disservice to Hamilton, Jay, and Madison by appropriating the name of their publication in order to spread far-right (often alt-right) conspiracy theories and cowardly “just asking questions” misinformation. It’s like the Klan starting up a newspaper called “The Liberator.”


Only if you get enough pageviews, but that’s become much easier thanks to all the tools Facebook and Google provide. There’s a sweet spot where revenue from Google can be used to promote more content via Facebook, which then provides more revenue from Google, ad infinitum.

It’s a symbiotic relationship formed around a kernel of bullshit.


Regarding the comments, how does that differ from Yahoo?

And yet, taking down fake locksmith ads that are call center bait-and-switch is too much for google to do. Oh, wait, right, they get paid for every click-through.

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I’m sorry, but this is not a big deal for two reasons:

  1. AdSense lifetime-bans people all the time, usually for no reason. My first blog was permanently blacklisted because I had the text “support our sponsors” on the page near an ad banner. This was deemed “incentivizing clicks” and got my entire domain blacklisted for life with no warning, no due process or appeals mechanism.

  2. AdSense revenue is nothing until you’re into the tens of millions of daily views. Fringe sites like that are probably making $600/mo from their AdSense, assuming, say, 40k daily unique visitors. Now you know why BB looks more like a scam site every day with video banners and overlays crammed into every corner.

This is virtue-signaling-as-corporate-PR by google and nothing more.


Massive pearl-clutching on the right over a private advertising company pulling its advertising from two fringe websites. FREEZE PEACH!

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