Google demonetizes content which "exploits, dismisses, or condones the war" in Ukraine

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I’m demonetizing content right now!


Hi new poster here!

Is it “exploiting” the war simply to post a lot about it, in the knowledge that war content has a large audience?

Yes absolutely! And it’s something I’m seeing a lot, especially from those in the US that are distant from the war (geographically and politically), but for some reason feel that they are deeply involved in it. Which adds to the cynicism IMO. It’s not like the allies telling jokes about the bad guys, it’s a spectator using it as an excuse to share content.

For example all the non-stories posting videos of the Ukrainian president telling jokes from 10 years ago. Stories about the clash ‘giving the thumbs up’ to a resistance song. It’s capitilizing on war in a kind of gross way and I’m glad Google is removing money from that equation.

Something to consider Rob.


Good points. And welcome!


Seeing Zelenskiy’s work which precedes his presidency can be helpful. Most Americans knew little to nothing about him, and his comedy provides at least some insight. There are those of us who will only do the more serious research, but maybe some folks who saw his comedy will do research of their own.

Shallow people who think only of themselves never will, bless their selfish little hearts.

As far as the more lightweight “human interest” stories go, sure, plenty are poorly written clickbait. One visit to sites with crap like that is more than enough, and I block them. Yuck.

The “human interest” stories that are good and well written are still lightweight, but It’s still information. Not all of us are capable of reading and watching nothing but the heavy duty news stories re: the horrors of this war, not w/o screaming or tearing out our hair.

I naturally agree that anyone who views this heinous tragedy as mere content they can exploit to their supposed benefit is an asshole. I block blogs and youtubers like that whenever encountered.

I mostly post the heavy duty news stories, and those who follow my tumblr are there b/c, like me, they want current events and enjoy learning at least as much as they like lolcats and pics of horses.

No $'s involved - I didn’t go for it when tumblr made paid content available and never would.

My blog’s too sweary for advertisers anyway, thank fuck. :smiley:


Welcome to BoingBoing. I think discussion could be a force for good if there’s links attached to relevant stories/jokes/content that shovels money to legit charities, but I agree content published for the purpose of enriching rando content providers is bad, and gives people the false sense that they’re doing something. I’m glad Google is living up to their motto of “Do slightly less evil”. I think engagement in concerns about other people on the planet is good, though Americans anyway are likely more engaged with this war as it’s white largely Christian Europeans who are threatened vs. other wars, such as the civil war in Syria.



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I first read that as demonizes, and was really curious about what google was up to now.


Its great that money is being removed from the “honest conversation” equation - maybe now we will start to see a real dialog about what is happening in Ukraine, and the events that led to this conflict.

But, on the other hand, there is much to lose by knowing the truth - such as faith in ones own nations’ military-industrial complex, and its leadership. Thankfully we have the Guardians of Old Media to safeguard us from that eventuality (/s <-)

For those who say that USA has nothing to do with this conflict, you couldn’t be more wrong. The de-monetization of content designed to point this out is a clear clue.

I’m getting some tankie vibes from this post.


It’s true.

We invaded St Petersburg. Bombed out several Russian cities and committed genocide of the Russian civilian population.

After annexation of the Crimea.


It must be a lot of work constantly trying to avoid talking about the Putin regime’s invasion of a sovereign nation-state.


But the real evidence is that google demonetized some content. Everyone knows big corporations are on the side of the angels. Especially socialists - who trust huge American corporations.


Looks like Google takes this pretty seriously, I see Chris Hedges talking about years of his work (for RT?) being taken down from YouTube…

While I agree that the things you mentioned can be kind of gross, they are important as a counter narrative to the right. They have started using the image of Zelensky in military garb to promote masculinity and the extermination of trans people. So having those old videos of Zelensky popularized is helpful to any extent it reduces fascists ability to reach people.


Hedges, whose main approach to promoting progressivism has always been as much about scolding Americans for not being progressive enough as it has been about progressive issues themselves*, could arguably have chosen a better platform than a propaganda outlet run on behalf of a far-right foreign regime.

Google certainly could have given him more warning so he could get his videos archived in time. However, given that there’s been talk of banning the RT channel from YouTube for years it’s a little unbelievable that he didn’t expect this to happen eventually. Heck, RT itself could have wiped his shows if he’d been too critical of Putin.

[* It’s the instinct of a certain type of clergyman.]


Oh, Hedges can definitely come across as very humorless and preachy. When it comes to delivery, I much prefer Chomsky’s, LOL. But the content is usually very good, even if it’s like eating your vegetables. Pretty sure I’ve seen others like Abby Martin and Lee Camp having their takes on Russia/Ukraine and their content/history with RT…not that they all have the same take, it’s just interesting to see this play out.

And then there is Glenn Greenwald…

Bottom line, war or no war*, it’s a really bad and misguided idea for any Western progressive to hitch their media wagon to one of Putin’s propaganda outlets. One way or another it won’t end well.

What I don’t understand is why any of these people would choose to be on RT America. Are they that desperate or ignorant of the myriad of other ways in the digital world that they can get exposure for their views without completely compromising their stated values?

Well, he’s just a kapo and Useful Idiot. I completely understand why he’d appear on RT.

[* Sorry-not-sorry to those here who’d prefer we call it something else]


you’re not allowed to use the word “war,” are you


Pretty sure Abby Martin left. I’ve not really paid much attention to Lee Camp in years, though I saw him posting video with ranty titles about “censorship”. As for the others, I have no idea. It’s likely that RT gave them a megaphone (for cynical reasons on RT’s part - to do what they view as sow divisions in America?) that they’d get nowhere else? Not sure how much money they got?

But yeah, most especially once America’s radicalized right wing (and Europe’s) started fawning over the “heroic” Putin for what they view as a white ethnostate that will not tolerate Teh Gheyz, any progressives still affiliated with RT should have definitely seen the writing on the wall, if for no other reason…