Google not altering search results to benefit Hillary Clinton

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Just because Google doesn’t auto-suggest it as soon as you start typing doesn’t mean that anyone cannot still search for whatever terms they wish.


This ain’t limited to the “sort of folks who think Obama has a secret birth certificate.” Bernie fans were exceptionally quick to pull the share trigger on this one. We all believe what we want to believe, especially die hards of any and all types, but when people post stupid nonsense like this, they erode their credibility on the matter. They are doing themselves and whichever candidate they support a great disservice.


Whoever wrote this is smug and ignorant. The modern birther isn’t concerned about where Obama is from, or whether he has some “secret birth certificate”. The truth is, they are concerned that Obama released an obviously forged birth certificate (as proven by the complex text layering that could not have been created by a document scanner). Ironically, the woman who supposedly scanned it, died during a plane crash (Google the Mysterious Death of Loretta Fuddy)… This all went down after Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched the Cold Case Posse investigation into the fraudulent document… And Fuddy was a prime suspect. To this day, no federal judge will touch this fraud case… Not because it has no merit, but because, they don’t want to end up like poor Loretta Fuddy. You can pretend this is all fiction… But for those of us, who opened Obama’s fake BC, in Adobe Photoshop, we know the truth. Still not convinced? Remind yourself of the rationale behind Obama’s very first executive order… Or maybe just keep making jokes about reptoids. That’s improving the conversation alright.



Is this a Poe? I honestly can’t tell.


Best. Ban. Reason. Ever.


Just to be clear, I deleted the troll. I thought his post was so hilarious as to merit leaving up for people to hit with a stick.


It is a thing of beauty, is it not?


*LMAO @ the reason for your lightning quick expulsion:


May this become a standard banhammer reason.


The ban makes this comment irrelevant, but:

I’d ask for citations but I shudder to imagine what kind of right wing conspiracy theorist websites with styling circa 1999 I’d get directed to.There are only so many poorly photoshopped hitler-obama pictures you can see in your life.


If you don’t like Google, try DuckDuckGo no tracking and no profiles. Of course for you conservatives that means Fox News won’t be at the top of the news list.

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The SourceFed video conflates results and autocomplete suggestions several times. He mentions manipulating search results as if this is what’s being done, but then at the end combines the two by mentioning “search results and recommendations.”

We’ve already seen Google get sued over autocomplete suggestions and the entertainment industry insist that Google remove any autocomplete suggestions that might find search results for illegal downloads. Anyone who has been paying attention doesn’t find it surprising that Google doesn’t feel like getting more defamation lawsuits simply because people search a lot for the keyword “crime” and a person’s name.


Put in “Bernie Madoff cri” – sole suggestion is “Bernie Madoff cricket”



Except if you enter “madoff cri” the first autocomplete suggestion is “madoff crimes” followed by “madoff criminal”, “madoff criminal charges”, “madoff criminal complaint”, etc. The Vox “debunker” uses first and last name in their examples, not just last names like the SourceFeed video, so it doesn’t really address the apparent discrepancies in suggestions. I’m not saying Google is definitely manipulating suggestions, but I don’t think the Vox article adds anything. I also don’t find it entirely tin-hat to believe search results could be massaged to bury suggestions their corporate owners might find objectionable.

It’s a perfect gumdrop of crazy. My first thought was this must be a fake account of a regular here. It perfectly summarizes the birther crazy points without rambling.


Well, if you put in “Clinton cri” you get “Clinton criminal” followed by “Clinton crimes”


It’s the combination of first and last name that the SourceFed video used. You can’t change the parameters and say it still applies because, as @onlinehuman just pointed out, a last name with “cri” does suggest crime and criminal search keywords. Google’s autocomplete apparently only ignores “cri” when combined with a full name.