Google shakes its structure up with Alphabet, and Sundar Pichai becomes Google CEO

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So they’re slimming down and focusing some things?

As great as it’s been for finding plus pages and blood types, I believe this is the perfect time to bring back the “logical AND” operator for searches!

(should those have been scare quotes?)


Yeah, well, somewhat interesting from the point of view of corporate limited liability, but for some reason, gosh, I’m just not that… “super excited.” 8^}

If you read the letter here

And click on the full stop after “our drone delivery effort”, it takes you to Hooli’s home page.

No shit.

So, there’s that.

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I don’t think anyone proofread that announcement. He calls Sundar “Susan” at the end of the paragraph 6–a pretty obvious autocorrect error.

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It is confusing because he just jumps to another person, but that’s the CEO of YouTube.


BRING BACK READER you bastards


try running Firefox and quit empowering google.

No, those quotes are for clarity. Scare quotes are for sarcasm.

Whoops–thanks for pointing that out! It’s still pretty crappy writing, though, because what if you don’t know who the CEO of YouTube is?

This is an interesting move, but I’m left with level of skepticism about the “why” of it all. Is it really just a tax dodge of some sort?

Except for the fact that they are keeping their share codes as GOOGL and GOOG, I’d suspect it is the old “AAA Aardvark” trick of getting their name out first in a listing. After all, Alphabet comes before Apple and Amazon…


I thought it was because they are turning their company into soup?

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