Google's new logo

I actually noticed the new favicon for Google when I was searching something today. I like it. But then, I don’t know anything about design.

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Interestingly, I just saw this article; apparently the logo design was done entirely in one “week-long design sprint” by their internal design teams.

Explains everything. “Design” teams. Pifffff :unamused:

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Which is why you like the wrong stuff.


How can an opinion be wrong?

Dear Google: FTFY.
Your people: 1 week. Me: 8 hours.
If you like it, please pay me. I could use the job.

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Da Vinci font makes it look like “Googlié, Fashion Accessories for Classy Dogs.”

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What are we looking at? I don’t see a difference between yours and Google’s.

Thus proving that logos don’t really matter?
Or proving the job is harder than it looks?

Stare at it for a while and let me know what you see.
Which one would last longer?

When it is humor-impaired?

##De gustibus non est disputandum, quia ego sum LEGITIMUS.


The one on the right has awful Gs and gs. The l is also problematic. I think the e got punched. There’s something slightly hinky about the oos. Startled, perhaps? Anemic?


I think they may be leaning the wrong way. Whatever it is, they’re definitely up to no good.

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Well, proving at least that uncivilized schlubs like myself certainly don’t notice small details in design logos.

Finally noticed the angled top of the lower case G, and L. And your change to the bottom of the lower case G, which upon further reflection makes it seem out of place with the rest of the letters, somehow (again, this is coming from a completely knowledgeless doofus). Also, something with the insides of the O’s is different? I honestly couldn’t tell you which one would last longer. They both seem perfectly fine to me. But I also had no problem with the old logo. Lol. Hell, until @crenquis posted the history of Google’s logos in the other thread, I had no idea that they’d already changed the logo 4 other times.


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Those italics should go back to Italia if they don’t like it here.



Lol …
All I want is confirmation bias from my own tribe, thank you very much.

The thing is fugly. I for one preferred the old style.

Wait, I can’t believe no one pointed this out! Now I get it! They’re just trying to take some of the buzz away from that OTHER search giant that came up with their own new logo a while back!

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