GOP candidate for Pennsylvania governor to his opponent: "I’m going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes."


You know what I’d like to see? A response from Gov. Wolf in the style of a classic WWF promo, where Wolf promises to defend his title belt, and whip his pansy ass at Summerslam (or something along those lines).


My attempt:

FX: Candidate appears in gaudy wrestling dress

“I am the CHAMPION, man! Some wimpy little pencil neck with a beer belly thinks he can threaten me with golf shoes? We will SEE, little man, we will SEE! Because this ain’t a show of manliness, it’s—”

FX: rapid cut to the candidate in normal attire

“It’s a question of which man is better at solving the problems facing Pennsylvania.”

Play logo with disclamer message, cut back to candidate

“Golfing spikes, really?” (shakes head)


Damn, I would love to see that as an ad!! That is brilliant!


Would not be surprised to see Fetterman cut a promo.


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