Pennsylvania senator to Trump: Come after me, you shit-gibbon


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If Trump kills someone with Polonium, is that evidence of Russian ties or just that he’s a maverick?


I’m calling it:

Leach 2020.


I don’t know, but maybe grounds for kicking some pseudo-Nazi ass?


I like this guy, I really do.


Why you gotta bring gibbons into it, Daylin? Gibbons are the best.


No, no, we don’t want her to win the Conservative nom…


Oh. Sorry. Wrong country.


But not shit-gibbons. They are the absolute worst.


“Hey @realDonaldTrump I oppose civil asset forfeiture too! Why don’t you try to destroy my career you fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon!”

Clear. Lucid. Concise.



Having an utter nutjob in charge is an excellent opportunity for folks on both sides of the political spectrum to raise their profile, it seems.


Well, I’m disappointed, but I still cling to the idea that somehow we can recover, but it’s not like other countries don’t have shit-flinging in politics and still survive. I guess dignity is less important than progress. Still color me disappointed.


If you keep this up, Leach is going to come after you! You can’t go around insulting President Lea—

Oh, god, It’s happening again.


I like it, but we need to work in the whole LIAR angle: loofa-faced-liar, lying sack of protoplasm, alt-reality, alt-fact, anti-fact. You know: bullshit.

Who sets up the canary web page that tracks whether this gentleman is still alive or not? jlmk (less than six-months at a guess)


What is a better description of 45:

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Not to be argumentative, but can someone be a pseudo-Nazi and not a Nazi? I mean, if it’s a matter of ideology (proclaimed or demonstrated), I wonder what’s the break between the two.


Honestly, it seems like a lot of the outrage over poor political decorum is just a more dressed-up form of tone policing. There’s nothing high-minded or civil about using deferential language and politeness to paper over atrocious actions. This sort of thing is why calling Jeff Sessions a racist (or even just reading a letter suggesting that his attitudes are less than entirely equality-minded) is somehow worse than him actually being a racist.


It has the ring of truth


Why? Go with Putin’s go-to. Ricen.