GOP candidate Rick Saccone hates government waste, bills the taxpayer like crazy on his own personal expenses, which totalled $435,172


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Maybe they should waterboard him to get the truth?


Tim Murphy is the disgraced Republican candidate who left his seat. Conor Lamb is the Democrat running against Saccone for the vacated seat.


How can you have expenses 4.8x your salary O_0 - hope you kept your receipts.


Torture consultant. That makes me sad.



…former torture consultant at Abu Ghraib, and has spoken out against funding K-12 education, early childhood education, libraries, child welfare, and other programs…

Ah, a Republican then.

…He collected his per diem (which is supposed to cover meals) even on days in which he was lavishly fed by lobbyists…

The monster! This flies in the face of everything our government bureaucracies stand for! You, sir, sicken me!


The per diem is 160 bucks and is also supposed to cover your lodging while in Harrisburg for session days, not just food .


“Hates government waste” = RethugSpeak for any program that helps ordinary people.


But of course he screws the American taxpayer, he’s a republican, it’s what they stand for…How is this even news.


Two words: Motel Six


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