Scott Walker, saddled with $1.2m debt from failed presidential bid, pawns his own donors


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Republicans throwing each other under the bus. Nothing new here.


The only time money in politics is a good thing - when conservatives waste money and lose horribly. I’d still prefer no money in politics, but at least the corrupt system has some small consolation prizes like this.


Considering what they did to personal bankruptcy law, it’s really throwing themselves under the bus.


It’s the Free Market in action. Sadly, the market for awful people is bloated right now.

It could be worse for him. He doesn’t have student loan debt.


So he’s fiscally as well as morally bankrupt… No surprise, really.


May he forever be remembered for the plutocratic bootlicking he displayed in this prank call. It’s still amazing to me that majorities of Wisconsin citizens have voted for him after this call came out.


Sorry for leaving you, WI.

I’ll return when Northern WI, MN, and the MI UP form a new State Province and join Canada.


He was ready to bring this kind of conservative fiscal responsibility to Washington. It was called the do as I say plan…


It’s the TEA/GOP gift that keeps on giving, they raid all the cookie jars and then proclaim pretzel logic victory. Need proof look at all the TEA/GOP run states in the US.

BTW: I’m calling dibs on that proclaim pretzel logic victory, it’s mine, mine, MINE!


Walker said his presidential run “is God’s plan for me.” Therefore it is God’s plan for him to be in debt and he is attempting to thwart God’s will.



This is a guy who opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest. While at the same time supporting abstinence-only sex education and opposing state supported clinical services that provide birth control and testing.

A guy who insists that his experience busting Wisconsin’s public-service unions has prepared him to take on ISIS.

A guy who declares that Ronald Reagan’s firing of nearly 11,000 air traffic controllers in a 1981 labour standoff was “the most significant foreign policy decision” of his lifetime.

A guy who, to establish his far-right-wingnut street cred, talked not just about limiting illegal immigration, but legal immigration, too.

A guy who wants to cut funding for the University Of Wisconsin, and dictate politically motivated changes to their teaching.

It’s good to see that those who funded him lost their investments. And that he’s found a way to make it even worse for them. It’s money that won’t be used to cause further harm.


Didn’t both Ben Carson and Sarah Palin make money off their failed Presidential bids? I know Palin basically spent a year touring the country as part of an “exploratory” bid for President, she never officially declared, so she got to keep whatever donations she got. Walker can’t even do the GOP con game right.


Standing out as a scumbag in the republican field is real mark of distinction.

Rot in debt Scott Walker, or not, but make sure to rot until your flesh comes to match what passes for your heart.


Yep, the list goes on and on and on


Not at all. Walker is not personally on the hook for a million. His campaign, LLC is. Did you think Republicans ever took personal responsibility? This is what corporations are for.

@KathyPadilla Exactly!


Silly me. I forgot that was for other people.


anything for a buck. it’s very telling that his one time supporters so completely turn their back on walker when he loses. i guess they don’t want to throw good money after bad to help their guy pay off his campaign debt (not “our” campaign debt).


So Wisconsin is still in the top 100 then?



Wow, looks like WI will be competing with Mississippi soon.