Gov Walker caught lying about his rewrite of the U Wisc mission


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As a Democrat, I am “still” really rooting for KockBro butt kisser Walker…

Shiva, what a shithead!


What, no “Christ, what an asshole” as a keyword?


bbs is expanding its consciousness:


What a nice man! Makes me seem downright churlish – I’ve done nothing to help Brian Williams feel better.


What a douchebag.

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Scott Walker keeps saying he hasn’t decided whether he’s running for president or not. But he’s hardly ever here in Wisconsin. The last month or so he’s been to Las Vegas (where donor Adelson lives, has donated many thousands to Walker’s campaign), Florida, California and Iowa - to woo the Republicans there. Next week he’s going to Great Britain.
His new budget cuts $300M from the University of Wisconsin, slashes millions from public schools, to give to vouchers, slashes and combines various state agencies, including Natural Resources, and cuts Senior Care by 40%, among other things. He’s refused federal funding for BadgerCare. Republicans in the legislature are planning to introduce Right to Work legislation. Walker pretends not to support it, but he introduced it when he was first elected to the Assembly in 1993. He will do what he’s done with other things, blame the legislators, but sign it into law.


Well. That’s that. I guess it’s the Brian Williams reception for him, now.

More like the Alison Williams reception. (spoiler-tagged for NSFW)

Anything (and everything) to get govuhmint down to the size where they can drown it in a bathtub. All so rich fucks can get even richer than they fucking are already.

If this wormy little noob gets anywhere close to the presidency, I’ll just have to … ugh.


Man, I gotta watch more cable TV.

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It’s not surprising he’s been out of the state wooing donors for a potential presidential run. He’s going to need a lot of money to buy enough whitewash to cover up his record.

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It’s almost obligatory to point out that Mr. Walker did not finish college himself. He seems to genuinely believe the only possible function of college should be to train workers. There’s no differentiating the University of Wisconsin from an average trade school in his mind. While there’s an important place for both in a functioning society, Mr. Walker wants them both to perform the same function.

Personally I don’t think Mr. Walker is bright enough to survive the national primary spotlight. He has little grasp of the larger world beyond his very limited experience and his success to date in a small-media market can largely be attributed to his willingness to parrott, often word-for-word, Koch brothers talking points. He’s the less-self-confident Sarah Palin with narcoleptic eyes and a tiny worldview.


I find myself, as a resident of Wisconsin, in a constant state of shame and apology due to the fact that our electorate apparently represents the lowest common denominator in electing persons like Ron Johnson and Walker.



Agree. It can be downright infuriating living here. If we consistently elected evil/corrupt politicos, we’d at least have low expectations. But the same state that elected Walker, Paul Ryan, and Joseph McCarthy also elected Robert LaFollette, Russ Feingold, and Gaylord Nelson.


Oh! Don’t forget Randian ubermensch Paul Ryan!

…as an expat Badger, I confess that I point to people voting for these knobs as part of the reason I’m not around the place as much these days anymore…


Well, I am proud to call home the state which gave the country Jesse Helms, Virginia Foxx, and lately, Thom “You Don’t Have To Wash Your Hands” Tillis. Oh, and Liddy Dole, who also helped ruin The Red Cross.

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