FBI agent, Valedictorian, Father of the Year, and noted climate scientist Herschel Walker has agreed to debate Reverend and US Senator Raphael Warnock

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I lived there for two years; it’s a pretty progressive city for the Old South. Not really the ideal setting for Walker to peddle his nonsense even if Warnock didn’t have the home field advantage going for him.


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This is going to be a cruel spectacle. Warnock is an entrancing orator who speaks the truth. Walker can barely string five words together in a coherent sentence and usually does so to lie.*

[* Of course, for the death cultists that last is a feature and not a bug]


Well, Walker agreed to debate him some time ago. So the only question is whether he’ll actually show up, or he’s just lying about it. Which, given his track record…


Dunning-Kruger effect in high gear right here, folks. Mr. Walker thinks that since he was a professional athlete that he must know more than other people, not realizing how stupid he really is. Either that or he suffered a few too many concussions.


I am surprised that he didn’t try to schedule the debate for September 31st.


Isn’t “Media Elite” people who are good at it?
Competing with non-elite athletes wold have been bad form back in Mr Walker’s pro days.
Why hesitate now?
This anti-intellectual BS that started back in the late eighties is becoming tiresome.


Walker only wants the “Media Bottom Feeders” there. You know, OAN, Faux et al.


Fucking clown has invited everyone to a clown show.
I feel sorry for his (family) staff.


All Walker’s people did here was buy him 10 weeks where he doesnt have to answer questions about debating. The odds of him actualy debating are zero.


Dude, you do remember that a similar buffoon won a presidential election despite being a fool in debates, right?


Never play chess with a pigeon,
and never debate with a birdbrain.


No. We don’t. Gerrymandering and other forms of voter suppression (the current governors favorite being purging voter rolls) are a major part of the equation here. I fully expect there to be acts of voter intimidation in places like the Black belt across central GA this November, which the Black residents of that part of the state sure as shit don’t “deserve” when they’ve been voting Democratic for years now… The vote is pretty evenly split, with the complicating factor being that at least some of the current GOP are not fully on the Trump-train, so could be considered moderate. Even a little voter suppression COULD make the difference.

BTW, It’s really demoralizing to be told that me and the other people here doing our best to push for progressive policies here and in federal government “deserve” to be ruled over by authoritarians, especially after it was really us that gave us the slim majority in congress that the Democrats are enjoying right now, despite no one thinking it would happen.

We’re not all dumb, backwards hicks who support racism and authoritarianism in the south. Georgia has an especially complicated history with progressive politics, from the CR movement being spearheaded in part from here, among other things.


Way to throw out the lives of an entire State because of one dickish politician. Really shows off your empathic side.


I see your point thank you. I will withdraw my comment. It was very unfair of me and ignorant. I stand corrected. Our vote is one of the most important things for all of us to protect. Sorry for not seeing the bigger picture. I hope your election is open and fair and I hope the good people of Georgia do get the representation they do deserve indeed.


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I’m sorry if I was harsh, but I keep seeing these kinds of comments that are pretty much putting all of the south in a single bucket, and I think they tend to miss the reality of what’s going on. I feel like I need to push back, as this is not a problem of particular states, but of the entire country.

The reality that we’re all facing (here in the states, at least) is that we’re all fucked as long as the extremism exists in the GOP. It’s been getting worse and worse since the 80s, and was not being taken seriously by too many people for years. It’s (as all our problems like this) a nationwide problem. This senate race is particularly critical, since it would help swing the senate to the GOP if Warnock loses his seat. I think he’s a great senator and he has been doing a bang up job, and pretty much all Walker has is name recognition from his football days. But there are still people who just will not vote for a Democrat, no matter how much good they do for Georgia.


You were not harsh, you were correct. :pray:t3:


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I’m sorry, this is one I really can’t join in the jumping-all-over. Walker is probably fairly badly brain damaged from years in the NFL, and is now being used by handlers because of his fame. I feel very, very sorry for him. I’d love to find the people manipulating him and give them a [censored] what-for, though.

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