Scott Walker is terrified that Democrats will win special elections to fill vacant seats, so he's leaving thousands of Wisconsinites without state reps


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Wisco is crazy for Walker, they elected him twice.


Does that mean that any laws the legislature passes before these seats are filled are unconstitutional?


Given the platform he ran on - the recall efforts - and the fact that Wisconsin has given him the thumbs up over and over - it should have been a huge red flag to the democrats that all was not well in cheese land for the presidential election.

There is real anger out there - if the voters ever wake up and realize that the GoP has played them as rubes there will be a slaughter that hasn’t been seen in a very long time. The idea that the public can be herded and spoon fed works to a point - and leading a lion by the tail is never a sure thing - the more extreme views of the GoP that they’ve pushed through (yes - I know they are planks… but seriously 9 out of 10 suckers will say ‘oh they don’t really want to do that’) are causing people to finally admit that yes, this party really isn’t just saying things to be contrary to democrats - they really believe that poor people deserve to rot.


big surprise, a Republican interprets a “wake up call” as “we have really been slacking in our electoral shenanigans! crank the disenfranchisement up to 11!”


Alabama’s state government is working on something similar for Senate special elections. I think the intended effect is for the governor’s appointed replacement to serve a much longer term.

Different in being about U.S. Senate vs. state legislature and in that rather than simply contravening the law, the law would be changed and the seat would be filled. Similar in that the will of the voters is ignored.


Is nobody suing? Walker has packed the courts, but there is a constitution.


This is what happens when ambition trumps service. Every once in a while people like Walker (regardless of party) need to be reminded that they serve US, not the other way around.


Anyone in the affected counties or municipalities should have standing to sue. The governor is refusing to schedule an election, forcing citizens to go without representation in a representational democracy. All because the governor might not like the representative the people choose. It’s always great to see how quickly America loving, law and order supporting Republicans ditch every principle they give lip service to when it looks like they’re going to lose. Might lose an election? Leave the seats open for a year. Don’t like the idea of the other side getting to appoint a Supreme Court justice? Refuse to hold hearings or a vote and keep the seat open for almost a year. Don’t like the idea that the people elected a governor from the other party? Pass a bunch of laws to limit the new governor’s powers to run the branch of government he controls.


How long before citizens in Wisconsin start protesting that there is “no taxation without representation”?


Why is it that oaths to uphold the constitution aren’t enforced?

What the fuck is this shit?


Please tell me how Rome crumbled…


Great, now they’ll implement tax cuts.


:grabs pitchfork:
:lights torch: [Note: regular torch, not Tiki]
:prints out Google Maps directions to castle:

Who’s with me?!


Those citizens will be enjoying a tax free year right?


um… will we be done by 9? I mean, I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I got work in the morning. Also, it’s fucking COLD! I mean, I get it, torchlight, very theatrical, good solid tradition and all, but maybe wait 'til, I dunno, late March, maybe? At least let the snow melt off…


What, you don’t like the smell of napalm in the morning? Most of my Red friends just want to win, and this is what winning looks like. Whimp.

/s, ovbiously.

Edit: changed pejorative, because it was all kinds of wrong.


French Constitution of 1793, article 35:

When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is for the people and for each portion of the people the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.


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