The GOP stole Wisconsin; now they're trying to steal it again on the way out -- PROTEST TODAY!


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And these fuckheads have the gall to call Democrats “fascist?” Fuck them and their fucking fucked up fuckery.


It’s the GOP motto: if you can’t win, cheat.




Unfortunately, protests tend to only work if politicians think it will affect votes. These assholes already lost and therefor have nothing to lose. This is just a pure fuck you on the way out. The danger of lame duck sessions. The answer is go assure they _never ever_come near the levers of power again. Too easy to become complacent after victory and let them slime their way back in. And they are demonstrably better at assholery than we are.


They got away with it in North Carolina. This is now the GOP playbook.


I nearly snorted my tea! A giggle in a sea of bad news.


Scott Walker and his band…

Make it easy on yourself

No regrets

The sun aint gonna shine any more

All three titles seem apposite here.




Note that Democratic candidates to the State Assembly got 54% of the votes, yet Republicans won 63 of 100 seats. This is actually worse than 2012 when Democratic candidates got 53% of the votes and Republicans got 60 seats. Wisconsin is quite possibly the most gerrymandered state in America.


his band of Ayn Rand cosplayers

Pix or it didn’t happen


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