Dems secure U.S. Senate, House still up for grabs

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Why did the GQP lose so big in the midterms in spite of an unpopular sitting president who happens to be a Democrat? It’s such a mystery; I guess we’ll never Roe.




Well done Americans! You have resisted fascism this time. Unlike Italy, Sweden, England and some other places.

It never ends but each time you do it needs to be celebrated.


*in their Nevada senate race @beschizza


See, if you tell your followers the elections are fixed, they aren’t going to vote in them, are they?

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Now it’s up to the voters of Georgia to get Warnock back in. Do that and the Dems won’t have to kow-tow to Manchin and his family business for a couple of years.


They also won’t have to negotiate with McConnell for Senate committee leadership assignments and Senate rules, which they had to do two years ago, which is arguably more important since the filibuster rules mean needing 60 votes for most legislation to pass.

  1. Spend two plus years telling your voters elections are rigged. Convince quite a few of them not to bother voting.

  2. Get a few election deniers through their primaries because MAGA, which the majority of Americans already rejected in 2020 and were ready to reject again.

  3. Convince sizeable numbers of your voters - more than the other side by considerable numbers - to kill themselves off by ignoring a pandemic and refusing vaccines.

  4. Make sure to get Roe v. Wade overturned in the same year all the rest of these things are happening.

Frankly, I’m amazed it wasn’t more of a Democratic party blow out, with the GOP going down in flames. I thought for sure they’d get 52 senate seats, not 51 (likely after Warnock’s run off because I trust Stacey Abrams as the absolute master of getting the vote out) and would hold the house by a seat or two. That last is still possible, so I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed.

The GOP has now turned on Trump from top to bottom. Even Candace Owens who famously blew smoke up his ass for the last six years suddenly thinks he’s “rude” and “out of touch” and needs to go away. The Dilbert cartoon guy said he’s “racist” and “having a mental break” because of his recent comments (which are no worse than similar racists comments he made for the previous six years, so fuck THAT lying sack of weasel spit).

Once more the GOP reminds us all they care about is power. They’ll ride the shittiest authoritarians to the top if they can, and the moment those people fail them, they’ll find the next horrible person they can use. Guess it’s DeSatan’s turn now.


Some republicans did win elections. Will they investigate their own elections as fraud? Didn’t think so. They don’t care about fraud, they care about results that they don’t like. Their magical belief that there can only be one outcome - them winning - is fascism.


pretty much what that parliament is on in view of track record

Hopefully the knowledge that nothing they do can give them control of the Senate now will make Republicans less enthusiastic about humiliating themselves by stumping/fundraising for Walker.


Unfortunately, I suspect the GOP will run Walker just as hard if not harder to make this slobbering moron a Senator, just to show their contempt for government and (of course) to own the libs.


If the Republicans do decide to go that way than the upside for Democrats is that every cent the GOP spends on trying to elect Walker is money they cannot spend on other politicians or causes that might make a more substantial difference.


Please please please run Trump again.
It will split the GOP and GQP, and get more blue voters out.

Now that the “Trump Approved” label is showing it’s a loser label (and nothing other than “weakness” is greater anathema to these bullies), they’re starting to turn on him, realizing it was something of a poison pill. Of course, that won’t stop those fully bought into the cult.


I’m thinking that Warnock going to win because there is a percentage of voters (~5%?) that would be willing to hold their noses and vote for Warner if it meant that the GOP controlled the senate.


Psssst he’s announcing his run on Tuesday.


That seems more likely the result this time around, but be careful what you wish for – I remember a lot of this in 2015-2016. E.g., “There’s no way he could be nominated, but if he is, he’ll get clobbered.”


I’d really like to have an election where the overarching concern wasn’t “defeat fascism, or else!” You know, a disagreement on the means to a common end.



The problem with depending on the GOP to run abhorrent extremist candidates in the hopes that Dems will have an easier time defeating them is that sometimes the Republicans win.