Thousands of Wisconsinites turn out to protest outgoing Republicans' plan to seize power after electoral defeat

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Kochites are up to their fuckery, again.


Pitchforks, at the van side door, torches at the rear.


If you can’t win, cheat.

If you cheat and still lose, burn the fucking place down.

I’m so tired of the both sides bullshit, the Republican party must die.


As a Republican, I don’t want my party to die, but I’d really like to see some common sense and a general recognition that all the money involved is turning toxic to the GOP.


So, just to be clear, #jobsnotmobs translates to “Jobs [for our cronies,] not mobs [of voters exercising their rights.]”


They did the same kinds of stuff here in NC when we voted Cooper in. I guess there’s a playbook.


It didn’t work last time:

  1. R’s promise jobs.
  2. R’s voted in.
  3. Institute trickle down.
  4. Trickle down fails to produce jobs.
  5. State cuts back services.
  6. State goes bankrupt.
  7. Voters get mad, vote R’s out.
  8. D’s raise taxes to bail State out.
  9. R’s complain D’s just tax and spend.
  10. Repeat.

And both career Rs and Ds make money after every step. It’s like a two headed dictator.


Unless you were a Republican under Teddy Roosevelt, today’s GOP is an evolution, not a revolution, of what it has stood for since the '60s.


The legislators are just proving that the voters did the right thing.

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News for you - the GOP common sense has choked and died on the toxic LONG AGO, starting with the death of bi-partisenship under Gingrich, endless investigations under Star, falsified calls to war under Bush, and wholesale stonewalling of Obama. But nobody woke to it till the elected full time conman trump to office, and then only a sprinkling.

So you want a return to reason- then you have to Split the party. Kick out the far right, the tea party, and the trumpkins, and rebuild with the reasonable part thats left.

And don’t be afraid. This is the only thing keeping the Progressives from kicking the centrist democrats out on their ass. There will be four parties moving forward.


What’s sickening is, well before D’s would ever have the capability (or intention) attempt this, the R’s will get their propaganda machine out, loud and early, to “stop” it. In this way, R’s superior paranoia and fear mechanism serves them both on offense and defense.

Things like Bush v. Gore and McConnell’s stealing a SCOTUS seat, and Wisconsin/Michigan’s power-grab are, and can never be, countered. R’s are just too good at being bad. D’s impulses, when finally in power, is to “play fair.” R’s just laugh at this and wait for their next time to pwn the D’s.


The link to the Wisconsin legislature ‘suite of undemocratic and illegal reforms’ links out to Julia Reda’s position on Article 13 in error I think.

So can anyone explain this to me? If the legislature passes a bunch of awful legislation during their lame duck session, doesn’t the new legislature just repeal that legislation immediately upon taking office?

GOP will still be in power in the legislature. They just need to pass all this shit while Walker can still sign it.
Dems won all statewide races and and a substantial majority of legislature votes cast, but republicans still got the majority of seats. Care to guess why?


It’s possible there would only be 3 not 4. A new group that’s the the combined centrist democrats and centrist republicans. A group that probably does represent a majority of people.

It’s that the voter engagement and activism is significantly higher at both extremes that has both parties moving to the extreme instead of the center.

I don’t think this is true at all. Medicare for all is a radical leftwing idea in American politics that is supported by a solid-to-large majority of Americans. Same with publicly funded college tuition. If you ran on taxing the rich at 1975 levels I think you’d easily get a 50% coalition behind it. It’s just that 50%, 60% and 70% of the population being behind and idea doesn’t matter in an oligarchy.

If America has three political parties called right, center and left, the rest of the developed world would call them the fascist party, the neoliberal party, and the centrist party respectively. If people voted purely on issues, the lunatic fringe of the left democrats would be the most popular party.


Turning” toxic? That ship sailed for good when Reagan made the Devil’s Bargain with fundamentalist Christians.