Wisconsin governor candidate refuses to say she wouldn't sign a bill allowing the legislature to overturn election results

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I was going to say that she’s a profile in courage. But “would you overturn an election” should be a softball, unless you’re trying to avoid alienating fascists. She has no right to be presumed cowardly, it’s just as likely she’s complicit.


“What would you do in this hypothetical situation?” sounds exactly like the kind of questions that someone should expect when applying for a job.


The combination of cowardice and antipathy toward liberal democracy makes her a natural for the GOP…for real!


I think it would probably be awfully premature for me to comment on a bill that hasn’t even been drafted nor an idea that I’ve heard floated. . . . I’m just gonna say you’re talking about an idea that I have never heard discussed among legislators, or even the folks I’m talking to across the state. And so for me to try and comment on future bill language that hasn’t even been drafted, I think would be awfully premature and kind of irresponsible.

Sounds like rehearsed word salad to me, with a side order of mealy mouthed deflection.

As for it not being “an idea that I’ve heard floated,” are you fucking kidding me?

We’ve just been hearing about Trump “floating” that “idea” nine times to the DOJ!


The DOJ hopes we won’t hear more.


With Facebook facing renewed heat for things like enabling genocide in Myanmar, religious persecution by Modi, and the 1/6 coup attempt, this would be a slam dunk time for Zuckerberg to restore a little bit of his lost shine.

He could announce a Facebook policy that democracy is a fundamental value needed to qualify for the platform, and anyone like this gets no access, no ads, and anyone backing her is out too. And that goes for Cruz, Gosar, Hawley, Boebert and the rest.

But ghouls like Peter Thiel and Joel Kaplan will be telling Zuckerberg he’ll look weak if he takes a strong stand, and they’ll split hairs over whether 1/6 really counts as a coup if they tried to kill Pence and block the certification of Biden but fell a minute or two short.

So he’ll double down on his oh so serious position that there are hard choices he is making by making no choices at all. He’ll insist that true leadership is letting his underlings lead him around by the nose like a suckling pig headed for the spit.


Sometimes I wonder why zombies have so much appeal in the cinema, and then I look at Wisconsin and what happened there with the GOP and I begin to understand. The Wisconsin GOP used to be reasonable–fiscally conservative, socially open. Then Reagan and the Conservative Religious Revolution came, and the zombie virus infected GOP brains in Wisconsin.
I had the godfather of the GOP talking to me one time, in 2008. “I can’t vote for Romney,” he said to me. “The man’s not a Christian.” That, I found, was typical.
Finally, note that the candidate has the caption “Waukesha.” Waukesha is the most conservative town in Wisconsin, right down the road from–I kid you not–“New Berlin.” Waukesha is the town that made the news with a school board that didn’t want kids to get accustomed to “free food” at lunch. Waukesha is the town in which, in the 2008 campaign, you may remember a man screaming furiously at McCain to be tougher on Obama–that was Waukesha. The home of the raving and land of the KKK–one of the counties that received the White Flight from Milwaukee that started in the 1960s.


If they adopted the name during WW2 it would be one thing, but it just means that it was settled by German immigrants.


if you read the article though, some things standout

Most of Weinsheimer’s interjections came during questioning by Republican counsel Josh Flynn-Brown. During an interview with Rosen, Weinsheimer blocked Rosen from answering questions about whether the department opened election fraud cases prior to the certification of the 2020 results.

basically, the doj attorneys were trying to stop discussions about whether fraud actually existed, and instead were trying to keep it to whether the disgraced former president pressured people into opening investigations. ( ie. not what they did, but what they were asked to do )

they’re basically doing a good thing here. not playing the game where republicans can muddy the waters on the president’s conduct by pretending his behavior was justified

they shut down both democrats questions and republican questions that went down those lines. but only grassley was cited as complaining about the interruptions


I suppose Zdeb’s complaints are pro forma, as she is working for Durbin?

Don’t forget that you-know-who’s current ban from Facebook expires in 2023.

Zuckerberg will have to decide whether to let him on again as things heat up for the next election - doubly so if the Republicans decide that yes things aren’t bade enough yes - he’s their presidential candidate.

Would you support a bill if the legislature voted to overturn your being elected?


Berlin, Ontario was settled by German immigrants, but in a fit of patriotism during WW1 the name was changed to Kitchener.


I’m surprised the New Berlin in Wisconsin hasn’t been changed to My Freedoms Town (yet).


And specifically in the case of a lot of German immigrants to Wisconsin a ton of them were 48ers, and largely credited with Milwaukee’s long socialist tradition.


She wouldn’t say whether she has stopped beating her slaves either.


It’s in dairy country, so the recent proposal was “Butter Emails!”


they didn’t provide the question that zdeb asked, nor did they provide a link to the transcript that i could see.

the headline and the article as a whole is tilted towards the idea that doj is “up to something” - just like you came away with on your read - but at the same time doesn’t show us any there there.

the things they do tell us are that republicans wanted to rehash the false claims of voter fraud and that the attorneys wanted to stick to the investigation of illegal influence

if the reporter wanted to present that something nefarious was happening on the part of the doj, well they tried to give readers that feeling but missed that mark on any facts

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