Donald Trump Jr. texted Mark Meadows with scheme to overturn election: "We control them all"

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Meadows’ attorney George Terwilliger declined to comment for the CNN story.

Oh, I’m sure he did! His client is now in more trouble thanks to Idiot Junior.

Also, have none of these dopes watched The Wire?


Also, this quote from Proposition Joe earlier in that scene may have been giving the GOP too much credit:

For a cold-ass crew of gangsters y’all carried it like Republicans an’ shit.


It seems like at this point it’s pretty much the entire Trump family that’s implicated in the attempted coup; if everyone involved doesn’t go to jail over this shit, there’s no justice, and no hope for the country. It’s just setting up a situation where Republicans know they’re free to keep trying until they succeed, as there are no consequences for any of it.


Uhhhhh. . . “moral high ground”?



“Moral high ground.”

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Ope… @generic_name

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IANAL, so my question is: Is this legally-prosecutable conspiracy?

ETA: No, really–a question borne of my vast well of ignorance. I don’t know enough about how “conspiracy” works.


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Unfortunately the big problem is that most Republicans will be like “so what? This is all perfectly legal.” Even if it’s explicitly not. They will trot out their own legal scholars who will defend anything and everything.

The most telling bit of communication between all these jamokes is an exchange between Eastman and Pence’s chief legal counsel Greg Jacob. When Eastman pushed his various schemes (including one he described as “a relatively minor violation of the law”) Jacob replied:

“I respect your heart here. I share your concerns about what Democrats will do once in power. I want election integrity fixed. But I have run down every legal trail placed before me to its conclusion, and I respectfully conclude that as a legal framework, it is a results-oriented position that you would never support if attempted by the opposition, and essentially entirely made up.


Which probably had Eastman pulling out the old Rove quote about the “reality-based community”.


For every coming election we have GOT to vote Democratic candidates in at every level. We cannot afford any more split tickets, Bernie Bros, or Never Hillary voters; we just can’t. Dear FSM, the worst possible Dem candidate is better than any Rethugnican. We’ve got to push them out of office and keep them out long enough to make them understand that their brand of right wing politics has no place in the US. City, county, state, and national; Vote Blue No Matter Who.


My local, state (WI) and federal representatives will be majority or entirely republican for the rest of my life unless laws regarding districting and other thumb-on-the-scale shenanigans change, which is unlikely now that they have things nailed down in the legislatures and the courts.

I vote in every election, especially the the local ones, but it’s fairly pointless imo.


Poor Uday Jong Trump bemoaned missing his chance to become the next “Great Leader”


Terwilliger, you say?
Which one?


Sounds like a plan, now let’s get the VOTE :ballot_box: out!


It’s astonishing how early in the process Trump’s cohorts recognized that Trump himself couldn’t directly participate in of ANY of these conversations - if he were, he couldn’t be relied upon to keep it a secret, and if they got out, it would look VERY bad for all of them - all of which meant, that from the very first moments, Trump was already willing to sacrifice ANYONE in his circle - even his own children - to protect himself. Of course, I’m sure he believed that such a breakdown couldn’t possibly happen to HIM.


And yet, hardly any of them have seen the inside of a prison cell.
The US is one of maybe 10 countries on Earth that wouldn’t have had their heads on sticks more than a year ago.


yeah, I know…


It doesn’t surprise me he has no idea what it means. Pretty sure “moral” is a concept he struggles with all on its own. (Although, to be fair, possibly he didn’t even mean “moral high ground,” but was intending to reference the idea of a strategic high ground - he is an inarticulate, ignorant fellow, after all. And it’s more consistent with the context. Although it also wouldn’t surprise me for a Trump to confuse strategy and morality…)

I suspect they realized he couldn’t participate in any of these conversations, not because he couldn’t keep a secret (he can’t, obviously), but because… he couldn’t participate in any of these conversations. Like, his intellectual abilities didn’t rise to the level where he could understand what was going on, or contribute anything that was relevant, so it was easier to just keep him out of the loop. That seems to have been how a lot of things worked in the White House, after all…