The walls have crumbled for Trump

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Nice to think he’ll just crumble and fade away, but it seems just as likely to me that he’ll go down while wildly flailing. And knocking down and breaking things, and people, as he falls.


Now that the elections are over…



This analysis fails to understand that Trump is the Republican Party and the Republican Party is Trump. That is the deal they made (well, maybe they made the deal with Putin, but got stuck with Trump), and now they know that Trump’s fortunes are theirs. All the quote-unquote “good” Republicans will, when push comes to shove, in the immortal words of St. McCain, “Support the Candidate”. The upcoming fight over investigating Trump is a fight with the entire Republican establishment, and all the billionaires that support it. If Democrats are not prepared for that, their efforts are doomed.


I thought that even with a house majority, there’s not enough votes in the senate for impeachment? If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter if the walls “crumble” since even the most “resistancey” of resisters admit that impeachment is the only viable path, given that a sitting president can’t be arrested. (25th amendment would be harder to pull off than impeachment)


This is beautifully written but I’ll believe it when I see it.


so people will see this headline & get back to eating, watching sports, shopping…blah blah…sigh


Sounds like it made you do something else instead? Do tell…


The Republicans will dump Trump if they sense he’s going to drag them down with him. They don’t love him, they’re using him. They got a tax cut and a lot of conservative judges out of him, but there’s nothing unique about Trump that got these. There isn’t a lot of upside left to him that wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the downsides.

The Senate re-election map in 2020 will be a lot more favorable to Democrats, and Republicans know it.

Meanwhile, WE have to keep up the pressure. There are elections NEXT YEAR, for city councils, school boards, water districts, judges and sheriffs, and even some state-level contests. These elections have very low turn-out, and can be won very easily by a determined campaign. Democrats and DSA should run candidates in EVERY FREAKING RACE, EVERYWHERE. A few mailers and canvassers and phone calls can make the difference in whether someone votes at all, and the visibility introduced by these efforts mean the voter will remember the candidate name when they fill out the ballot.


Thank God we still have freedom of speech.


He doesn’t care. He’s getting paid.


It’s a comforting thought for certain, but until the social and economic circumstances that gave rise to 45 are dealt with in a way that improves a lot of lives, he’s just a placeholder till the next fascist comes along.

I mean, his ouster and public disgrace would be delicious, but the right has many, many bloated crap bags ready to step up to the plate.


Yes, but what will happen to all of the rubes who have been apparently taken in by the con artist in chief? They tend to be heavily armed, and I don’t see them, or Trump himself, going down without a knock down drag out, and going quietly into that good night.


Technically the House makes the call on whether to impeach, the Senate then makes the call on whether to remove the President from office. Kind of like the difference between an indictment and a conviction.

That’s what happened to Clinton: impeached but not convicted in the Senate.


A lot of people were worried about thugs showing up at polling places in this last election. The threats never materialized.

A hell of a lot of Trump’s support base are old. Or respectable Chamber of Commerce types. The armed asshole contingent isn’t zero, but as soon as they become visible, at rallies, they start having their pictures taken and losing their jobs, or getting charged.


The problem with dragging his sordid history of sleazy dealings and self-destructive narcissism into the light is that it will definitely have no effect on Trump. He will never do the decent thing, act with honor or at least shame. It won’t shake his willfully blind base. And unless it gets really bad, the senate won’t convict him, making impeachment in the house a useful PR exercise for 2020, but nothing more.


They had, what, 20 on tap for the last election?


I’ve said it before, he’s going to blow.


The fatal flaw with this argument is that Rothkopf attributes far, far too much self-awareness to Trump.


Just because they didn’t doesn’t mean they won’t. And the election was one thing. Even if every other election was lost, their God Emperor was still going to be there. Take him out of the equation, and they might feel like they’ve got nothing to lose.

I don’t know. I certainly can’t get into their minds. Half the time, I think their antics are just for lulz. But I remember the tea-party furor, and I can see it getting ugly, fast.