GOP congressional candidate wants you to know he's not officially a Nazi anymore


Could you please make that swastika made out of GOP elephants public domain? It’s too good to keep to yourselves.


Great photo. Interesting, though, how history and HISTORY can exist in the same space:


Unless they are funding the opposition candidate, they can keep the blame.


I’m sorry but I’m disgusted that there is a post about an Illinois Nazi that doesn’t reference the Blues Brothers wtf is happening in this world??? What, were you born in 1994 or something lol??


Getting some Holocaust denial into the statement that you’re not an actual Nazi (anymore). Stay classy.


So why do you suppose the Democrats never seem to have this problem?


Obviously because the GOP is usually the go-to party for the crazy racists and other sorts of bigots, who want to have even a chance of actually affecting things, instead of forming their own impotent third parties (with blackjack and hookers!). This guy (again, IIRC and am not mistaking him for some other loon) is just unusual in that he’s too obviously nasty for the Republicans, and an albatross around their neck they’d rather not have, because no matter what he’s not going to win that district, but is looking very bad for them.


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