GOP "kingmaker" proposes enslavement as an answer to undocumented migrants

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Republicans in general entered the realm of self-parody a while ago. For this, the entire realm of self-parody went by with a whoosh al la Douglas Adams and deadlines.


So pretty much no change firm current reality?
Enslavement would actually be more onerous on the ‘owner’(that feels worse to type than the n-word) than making the worker find their own housing and food.


…and for them to function as a labour force, you’ll feed them, shelter them, give them health care.

And if they refuse? Send them to prison?
where … you’ll feed them, shelter them, give them health care.

That’s not going to cost the taxpayer anything…


Makes you wonder what their actual issue is with them in the first place, doesn’t it?

Easier solution: Make them not illegal. Then they can work and pay taxes!

It worked for the rest of the population of the United States of America.


Sounds expensive, having to own a bunch of people. What ever happened to “no new taxes?”


Why don’t we just eat them? That’d be ok, right?



GOP wants every American to Vote Democrat this time around, apparently…


Now that’s a pitch -

We built this country on slavery, and slavery can make this country great again!


while we’re at it lets bring back and entertain the idea behind A Modest Proposal:


The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments - the ones abolishing slavery and guaranteeing citizenship rights - stil exist, but they’ve been so weakened by custom, by Congress and various state legislatures, and by recent Supreme Court decisions that they don’t much matter. Indenturing indigents is supposed to keep them employed, teach them a trade, feed them, house them and keep them out of trouble. In fact, it’s just one more way of getting people to work for nothing or almost nothing.

Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler


Work will make them free.

They hate you because of your freedom.


I thought that “illegal Mexicans” were people like me who left the US to hide in Mexico from people like this asshat.


If you were a Mexican national being compelled to work on a fence on the border, would you work on the fence, or take a few steps back into Mexican jurisdiction, where slavery is still illegal and your captors may not follow? At what point are people going to end their denial of the prevalence US fascist ideation in the 21st century? When will a quorum of people shut this political machine down and scrap its metal?


I seem to recall an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit where they hired some Mexican day labourers to build a fence like the one being proposed by some republicans on the border at the time, then had them split into two teams held a competition to see which one could get through or over the fence faster. I think the point was to show how farcical the idea of building a wall along the border was by presenting the silly suggestion that it would be done by Mexican workers. I mean, that is plainly a farce, right?

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Farce? I would hope so, but some people seem absolutely consumed by hate.

Iowa has a border with Mexico?


well Gwynne Dyer mentioned that the only kind of wall that would work would be one with mines, automatic machine guns etc. such as the one currently built between Saudi Arabia and Iraqi border but then it might not be a terribly popular with the Hispanic population. And again, who are you going to get to build it?

This fool (like so many ultra-reactionaries) is so out of touch with reality that he doesn’t realize that most of the illegals are ALREADY doing the productive hard labor that Americans are “above” doing for ourselves.

Of course, these same idiots also believe that the bill of rights consists of (in the following order): The right of anyone to carry weapons under all circumstances; The freedom to practice Christianity; and freedom of speech against liberals. Most humorously, they somehow interpret “inalienable rights” to mean that they aren’t for illegal aliens.


Given that ‘terminal depreciation’ of these ‘assets’ would probably be seen as a virtue, if not the actual objective, of the camps; I wouldn’t necessarily expect the owner-provided accomodations to be terribly promising.