GOP Ohio lawmaker: 'African Americans or the colored population' get coronavirus because they 'do not wash their hands as well as other groups'

Huffman, pulling off mask, Mission Impossible style: Surprise! I was Steve King all along!


“Sentient”…?! Ha ha ha, NO.


Excuse me? Where do you see this in the referenced interaction? I see someone feeling guilty because they know damn well what they’re doing is wrong, myself.

I didn’t say intelligent :smirk:


how the bleep is this 2020, it’s surreal

I think the problem is the age of lawmakers, you get 30-somethings instead of 60-somethings and way less of this BS, I mean yeah still would happen but not like every other day

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Again, I just don’t have any rage left to waste on idiotic bigoted assholes like this.


the fact that he’s a dr, and has beliefs like that, makes it blinding obvious why covid outcomes for black americans are the way they are. ( and it’s not the vitamin d )

are doctors required to take any diversity or anti oppression classes in order to get their md?


Unfortunately being a medical doctor doesn’t necessarily imply an absence of bigotry.


It’s always projection with the GOP. $5 wins you $10 that he doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom.


This makes me wonder what the mortality rates would’ve been if midwives hadn’t been replaced. Without the same people conducting autopsies or surgeries and then delivering babies, “cadaverous material” wouldn’t be a problem to be solved.


But I thought not washing your hands was GOOD!

No. We had an optional medical ethics class in 4th year, but only about 7 of us took it. Diversity training? Hah!


Medical ethics seems to be a pretty standard component of preclinicals nowadays, but I don’t remember any specific diversity training in med school. And I haven’t been out all that long.


yeah, of course. that’s why i was wondering whether modern medical programs have made attempts at being actively anti-racist, or if they just ignore the question of race and bias in patient care entirely. ( thus allowing the bigotry to breed freely. )


maybe an opportune time then for colleges, doctors, and hospitals to push for something like that as part of dismantling white supremacy.


Yeah, I finished in '90. Seems like forever ago.
I do real a classmate who I actually liked asking me if I didn’t think that blacks were less evolved than us whites. Yeah, no diversity at all.


Interestingly one of the biggest forces for de-segregating medical care in the United States was the passage of the Medicare and Medicaid Act of 1965. All of a sudden there was a huge pool of government money available to healthcare providers, but any hospital or private practice that wanted a slice of the pie was legally beholden to the conditions of the Civil Rights Act passed the year before. For the most part greed was a big enough motivator for most providers to agree to finally start treating all patients.


I think he is genuinely trying to understand, but he’s failed at the outset by coming right out of the gate with an incredibly ill-informed, frankly batshit suggestion, to put it mildly. Do I think he’s racist? Yes, inherently so. He needs vastly more consideration of “the coloreds” and how, perhaps not so strangely after all, they’re just regular fucking people like anyone else. I think he’s pretty typical for Midwestern white people who don’t have any actual Black friends, in that he probably doesn’t intend to be racist, he just is, due to his absolute ignorance and failure to reason. My Dobbs in Dobbstown, yes: he is racist. It’s just out of ignorance rather than abject malice. Hopefully.

Honestly, dismantling white supremacy, and all forms of prejudice, should be Priority Number One in this fucking country. After that: reparations for Black and Original populations. Then we take religion down by streaming pure fucking science into the eyeballs and brainpans of every child we can, from kindergarten through college.

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That worries me for two reasons. The obvious one you mentioned. And then the fact that while I’m by no means any kind of medical expert or even have an above average lay-knowledge of medicine, even I know less evolved is not how evolution works. That a medical student thought that it is is legit frightening.