GOP staffer who said Obama girls lacked class was arrested as a teen

It’s not a real apology if you unapologise and delete it at the same time as deleting the original FB entry, in the hope that the whole thing can be disappeared.


Yeah, but the way you post it comes across like this:

Just pick the right clouds to yell at, I guess?


62 posts in 11 hours doesn’t count as encouraging discussion?


Well, their skirts were a bit on the short side for a formal occasion such as a turkey pardon (it’s sort of like a court of law, right?), so I’m assuming that was it, as there didn’t seem to be anything else about their clothing with which she could conceivably be having an issue. Since we are talking about the GOP, any piece of clothing that even vaguely hinted at Islam, the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent would have created a far, far larger conniption fit on her part, so instead it must be some pre-emptive “slut shaming” of a 13-year-old’s above-the-knee skirt.

You clearly don’t get it. A 13-year-old girl wore an above-the-knee skirt. Clearly this planet is no longer fit for human habitation as a result, and we should all be praying for premature death. The youth of today obviously lack any moral fiber. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go commit some genocide until I feel better about things, just like in the good ol’ days.


I never shoplifted, closest thing was stealing a couple of milk crates in college to use as book shelves, but yes it’s common.

My mom had a problem with it into adulthood but she had alot of other problems. One of my cousins did as a kid, my best friend from grade school did a bit a think, one of the daughters of one of my mom’s boyfriends. It’s not more than half the women I’ve known or anything but yeah, pretty common, especially makeup.

Nope. Not even once.

Well, I see the point-- arguably Jenna Bush getting drunk was at least a real example of what one could define as “un-classiness”, whereas saying the Obama girls were un-classy because they “looked bored” at a perfunctory public event is invented outrage.

Still, teenagers have the right to do stupid stuff. Lord knows I did at that age. None of this has anything to do with policy, and everything to do with partisan politics.


Along with everyone offended on the behalf of the kids she specifically targeted, whom she didn’t apologize to.

Also it’s a classic fauxpology in that she only would -like- to apologize, but didn’t, to only those who were offended. As for her claim of growing & learning, I’d bet she mostly learned that you can’t lose pandering to your base, given the many kudos she continues to receive from people whose opinions she may value above any who were offended.

As for me, I wish I were the pharmacologist that invented whatever drug it is that causes GOP crazy eyes, cause the sales appear to be through the roof!


Fox News wouldn’t exist without this fuel.


Many other individuals also don’t resist taking a bite. See e.g. here, e.g. the fauxpology micro-outrages.

It’s apparently easier to get all worked up over what some partisan hag/hack said or did not say than about something involving technical issues…
…and requiring thinking instead of merely feeling…

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Quod licet Iovi…

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a fair amount of the discussion is actually less than encouraging, but that’s because you, I, and several others took the bait.


asking someone to consider ‘‘maybe changing their behavior, okay?’’ is actually different from just telling someone to change their behavior. At least it’s a significant difference in my opinion. A nuance is there.

The late 60’s and early 70’s must have been incredibly traumatic for you.



Technically speaking, yes it is a request. However, in the context of its original paragraph, it comes off to me as pretty damn close to a command. Actually, even as a solitary sentence it does.

OH NO! I wasn’t super nice and polite in reply to a sexist comment! Heaven forbid! Oh, sir, I am so so so sorry! Next time I’ll remember to be as polite as you want me to! How did I error so badly by not coming to you for advice on how to respond to people on the internet? OH, dear me! How silly and stupid of me! Please forgive me, sir!

What the fuck? Why are you derailing this topic, yet again, to tone troll me - to lecture me - to ‘splain’ to me how I should comment? WHY are you not actually discussing the sexism that is the point of this post? You do this all the time. Honestly, I’m not the one coming off as a petulant old man. YOU are. Stop. Telling. Me. How. To. Comment.

“Just pick out the right clouds to yell at.”

Aaaand, you act as if you understand my point, and then contradict yourself. Did you watch the video? I guess not.

Please leave me alone, thanks! Is that polite enough?

eye roll

BTW, I have muted the conversation so you guys can have your fun.

What the crap, he’s just suggesting that someone who’s a troll is probably going to be a waste of your time.

As the developer of Discourse (the software that BB currently uses), they spend a good amount of time trying to figure out how to handle disruptive users.

They’re not in any way tone-trolling. It’s not a “friendly” through-the-rictus suggestion, it was sincere.

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