Miss Teen USA to keep crown despite use of racial slurs


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It sounds like she needs something, but is there any reason to believe she’s growing?


It actually seems like it would be disingenuous to be “Miss USA” and not be a little racist…

But seriously, after a quick google, by comparison, the previous crown stripping was for using a professional hair and makeup artist (miss Florida). Surprised to learn that that is against the rules…Favorite quote from the Miss Florida article (in light of the current story) - “She made a poor life choice.”


Ugh. Never was a fan of pageants or pageant people, and OMG this bunch is sooo diverse.

FYI: I am not trying to rationalize this. Really. And yes, take away the crown.

But I am seriously wondering, what is the statute of limitations for such a thing? Or is she doomed to wear this albatross around her neck for eternity?


What’s the point of being a privileged rich white girl if you can’t get away with things?


There are white, blonde teenagers using profane language, okay? That’s with Obama. When I’m in there, I’ll take care of the white, blonde teenagers. I may even want to date some of them, even though they aren’t my daughters. I’ll build a wall and we’ll keep all the people who take offense at profane language out and make them pay for it, believe me. It will be terrific.


That was disgusting, really.


Uhhmmm… eternity, I think.

The Internet never forgets.

(Disclaimer: I know someone, somewhere has used those words in that order and in the same sense. I don’t know exactly who, when, or how many times before. I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me.)


You are going to do this with every post, right? Even the 99% off learn to code ones? Please?


Wow, that lineup of finalists looks like a Fox News casting call for Gretchen Carlson’s replacement.


To be fair, she looks in her early forties, not in her teens.


You beat me to it.

These are teenagers???


Yet another poster child for Trump. Miss Nazi Child USA.


Was gonna write the same thing. Breeding the next generation of Fox “reporters”.


They all look like the young woman in the poster that used to hang in the grocery store explaining why they checked everyone’s ID on all alcohol sales. A few years later they replaced it with this, which I enjoyed so much more.


Granny Clampett?

That’s awesome.

Stores here just say they card everyone who looks under 40.


Taints are personal.


She seems to ooze with klass.


Way back when I was freshly 21… The grocery store in Rolla MO near the dorms I liven in, carded EVERYONE. They still sold more booze than any other store in the chain. I was surprised they let me buy the motley choice of booze with a bunch of minors I was gonna hand it all over to waiting on the other side of the checkout.


FTA: Through hard work, education and thanks in large part to the sisterhood that I have come to know through pageants, I am proud to say that I am today a better person."

If that’s honest…isn’t that what “we” want?