Goreytelling: Animations to go with Edward Gorey's narration of his life

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Love the sign in the police station that reads MITE MISSING which, if I’m not mistaken, appears in his story, “The Insect God”.

It’s a nice reference :slight_smile:


I took the Mrs. to the Gorey house last weekend. Cape Cod is not my bag but Ogdred was a wonderful character.

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I’m reminded of something…


All y’all Mutants have read The Fan Man, right?
If I remember correctly one of my friends got a copy from a hitchhiker and passed it along.
It’s been a long time since I read it. If it doesn’t hold up, don’t blame me

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familiar to anyone who ever watched the opening credits of Mystery!, only to be disappointed that the actual show was never half as interesting as that credit sequence).

What? Are you really going to diss Sherlock and Foyle like that?

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I’ll have to keep an eye on that documentary. It sounds splendid.

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