Gorillaz' video for Garage Palace is a pixel art wonder

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If not now, when?

I agree that the pixel art is good, but wow is that video unpleasant to watch. All that flashing and glitch aesthetic is REALLY hard on the eyes.

There’s a right way to do this sort of thing (See the work of Paul Robertson), but this ain’t it.

EDIT: One more:

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A new gorillaz track? Nice.

Monday had good news in politics, Today music.

I almost can’t wait to see what wonders Wednesday brings?

(love the cameo by E. Honda!)

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Anyone else get a Kill Six Billion Demons vibe from the main character, or is that just me?
Also kick’n video/song!


I would have liked it if the art was more stylized and limited. It seemed to use a full color palette and pretty detailed pixelation, so it didn’t feel like it had that much style or retro aesthetic. Someone mentioned Paul Roberts earlier, who totally has that lo-fi charm to his work.

I love Paul Robertson’s art. He also made artwork for Mercenary Kings game, and it’s definitely worth playing, it has the same type of sometimes dark, sometimes silly humor that his animations have.

I think the problem is that pixel art these days is largely created by people too young to actually remember the technical limitations of 1980s graphics – so they think it is just about making things somewhat blocky.


“I know you need this…”

I really did.

Thanks, @beschizza.


I agree, I had to stop watching because of the flashing. Maybe flash black instead of white?

I really like Humanz but a lot of it comes across like Damon Albarn couldn’t make it that day (he took too much sleeping powder maybe) so they recorded the song without him.

Eh, maybe I’m a curmudgeon this early in the morning, but to me it looked like art with a pixel filter applied, rather than art made pixel-wise. But eh. That would fall on the BB headline writer, rather than the Gorillaz vid.

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Partly just pixelized drawings, altogether incoherent art style, not crazy about it.

Vocal sounds like MIA ?

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