Government moving 300 migrant children out of Texas Border Patrol station after AP reveals horrific conditions

The third possibility is that Border Patrol has set up a Potemkin camp where a small percentage of the detained children are kept in less-abusive conditions. This is the site that foreign observers will be allowed to tour, and where politicians can pose and deliver soundbites.

“And this is the camp choir, who would like to sing “God Bless America” for you. Note that each of our junior guests has their own teddy bear and toothbrush. No, I’m sorry, our other facilities are not open to visitors, to respect the children’s privacy rights.”


That is such a fucking bleak idea it is probably true.


The SS, seeking to exploit the beautification efforts undertaken at Theresienstadt in preparation for the Red Cross visit of June 23, 1944, decided to produce a film about the ghetto for propaganda use in Germany.


Matthew 25:35-36

Matthew 19:13-14

Matthew 19:23-24

Full disclosure: I am an atheist, but both of my (Republican) Senators proudly declare their Christian faith.


In a sense, it’s already true. CBP has released some propaganda videos showing the happy, healthy children under their care and the activities available to them, taken at unspecified locations (though who knows if those facilities are real or accessible by lawyers/journalists). Meanwhile they’re moving more people into military base facilities where no one is allowed.

It may be that the only lesson learned here was that they shouldn’t overcrowd the kids in facilities that are accessible to anyone else.


Don’t Vote R ever again. If you have kids, make sure they know that “conservatives” no matter how moderate cannot be trusted. If you have Republican friends, say goodbye. If you have Republican family, don’t visit or contact them (if they were decent people they would have noticed what’s wrong by now). Never spend money in any state that goes red. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I’m doing.


What fresh Hell is this…

Buried lede…


“Less than a day after the Trump administration announced it would move 300 children stationed at a cramped, unsanitary Texas border patrol facility with inadequate food and health conditions, over a hundred of these children have reportedly since been moved back to the inadequate shelter, the New York Times reported.”


I think it’s more nuanced an image than just your Trump mouthbreathers and GOP kapos. Don’t forget there are many well-positioned Democrat politicians who would happily shit the bed for corporate interests.
A binary, white vs black (pun intended, somewhat) nurtures an Us vs Them approach that promotes a tribalist worldview.

Teach your children the difference between true right and wrong, what it means to be altruistic, and ways to stymie the blind spots even the best of us nurture in our souls.


Whatever it is, whether Sanders’ resignation is voluntary or not, this has the stench of Stephen Miller all over it.


No kids, no association with Republicans, would never dream of actually voting for one. “Never spend any money in a red state” is an interesting one that I hadn’t considered. Thinking about it, I can add one more: shame the everloving fuck out of people who can’t be bothered to vote. Though again, doesn’t really apply to me since I don’t know anyone who cares that little.

A good list if everyone were to follow it (though as knoxblox pointed out, there are plenty of racists and sellouts in the Democratic party too), but cold comfort at the moment. This needs to stop. This won’t stop.


A horrible little eco-system that needs bleach.

GEO Group Donated to the Trump-Tied Turning Point USA, Then Got Rave Review

TPUSA’s communications director visited a GEO Group detention facility and called it nicer than public schools she’d attended.

Right-wing student organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) accepted $50,000 from the foundation of the nation’s largest private prison company in 2017, a Sludge investigation of tax documents has found. The GEO Group Foundation gave two donations of $25,000 on March 24 and October 23, each listed as “part of [its] annual contribution.”


Shitting the bed for corporate interests is reprehensible. Forcing kiddos separated from their parents to shit in their own floor-mat due to “lack of resources” is orders of magnitude more reprehensible.


They currently have more effective coordination mechanisms than we do, making individual actions almost useless until we fix that. Same explanation as lots of other crises, from climate change and labor laws to warmongering and BLM.


So, whether these events are, in fact, connected in the way I think they may be, here is what I am seeing. Kids discovered living in horrific conditions, who are then moved out of said conditions. Director is subsequently forced out and children are promptly moved back in. Director is then replaced by a guy who says he knows these children are future MS13 members by “looking in their eyes.” Seriously, was initial director forced out because he was not brutal enough? That moving these kids out of this literal shithole was too soft? Oh my god, we are in a deep fucking hole.


What I hear is that one of the main reasons for gun ownership in the USA is to oppose a tyrannical government. I am shocked, shocked to find that this is another hollow national narrative.

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