Government whoppers about NSA spying




Well, in his defense … the question wasn’t whether they collect the data, but whether he could give a yes or no answer. He said, “No, sir (I can’t answer).”

(And, yes, I’m being sarcastic …)


What would happen if the NSA were shut down right now? Assuming you could do that?


I was about to point that out too, and I don’t think it’s necessarily sarcastic to do so.


Probably nothing.


Billions and billions of dollars for contracts would end.


First thing I thought too, and that it was quite artfully done. I’ll say one thing for arseholes; they’re very good at crafting bullshit.


Certain housing markets would collapse all over again. (This latest national thing is seen about every 10 years in So. California, due to all the defense contracting there.) Certain contractors would have to go get real jobs. Certain federal employees would have to move into other agencies - which is no big, they’re the minority. Military personnel involved would have to go back to being military instead of playing Secret Agent Man all day at a mere fraction of what both the federal employees and contractors make.

Oh - and we could all sleep much better at night, knowing we won’t be terrorized by the people who claim to be protecting us from terrorists!

Best part? Clapper in the crapper, lol.


Oh yeah - and all debt we wouldn’t be piling up. Or maybe, we could pile up just a little and have the Chinese make us all some actual stuff instead of fake-lending us money that we are paying the NSA to pretend to do stuff. Mmmmm…simplest way, Walmart gift cards for everybody!


Well, the NSA used to be a serious player in the ongoing war against human slavery, but the US federal government doesn’t seem to be interested in stopping human trafficking any more.


I was completely with you until the Walmart part.


Well, it’s not hard-wired, IMB. Just figured the Chinese would be all miffed at us jacking up their finance schemes. The Walmart cards were just an idea to take the sting out of it for them so we don’t have to be on bad terms with them again. Maybe you’ll have a better idea about that…


I don’t know, but making the Walton family richer can never be a good/ethical consideration.


What would happen if the NSA were shut down right now? Assuming you could do that?

Freedom would ring.




Conceded. Still need a way to keep the Chinese all calm and happy. After all, if we don’t like the I Spy game, and we don’t like these continual proxy wars in other countries, then it behooves us to figure some better ways to get along with the rest of the world ongoing that doesn’t screw over all the humans involved.


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