Governments see social media as "a new front in warfare"

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Unplugging is the new luxury for Humans.


Even John Wayne Gacy-Bot needs time off the grid…


Roger That!


I can see why this is a problem, of course…but look at the flipside:
What is the ruling class supposed to do when say…the PRC or russia decides to up their propaganda game to yet a new level of cultural venom?

Loose lips sinking ships posters won’t be nearly enough to counter such an attack.

This just needs proper regulation and balances, that’s all. As it stands, it’s just more warfare against the people.

We recently bought the game Battleship and my 9yo was adding comments that where outright hints or could be interpreted as hints. Things like “Last time I had some touching but not this time”. I told her “Loose lips sink ships”. :slight_smile:


Well it worked for this last election.


This is going to be some crazy times ahead. No doubt that media plays it’s role in instigating conflict. Drama is what cells. Today our freedoms are just being taken away left and right. It is the particular journalists that can cause such issues. Majority of news is either hard left or hard right. Hard to find a neutral news page. No doubt in mind that if you control the information then you can control the majority of opinions. That is how Hitler came to power that is what happens in China. Alps we have left is Freedom of space and a partial second amendment. Fear is the agenda of Government for the past 100 years. Control and slavery is the government’s goal. War is inevitable, because their are those who want freedom and those who wish to take away freedom. There is no more balance. Who would of thought there would be a day in America when the idea of privacy would be thought as a criminal idea. Who would have thought that American people would have been forced by government to pay a business owner money. Heck there is more freedom in Mexico than U.S.A. no wonder people come to this country to earn money to send to families outside of country. We literally cannot stop working or we will fail to pay some form of tax. Which means house is gone personal items gone. War is coming that is reality. People choose to ignore the signs by watching T.V. . Lawyers, shrinks, and opinions used to disfigure truth. So sad that there is so much labeling of people to divide. America is so very weak these days. At any moment an American will turn against another due to skin color, sports event, political views, and religious/nonreligious beliefs.

The weird thing is we have information at our disposal. We know the outcome of societies that reach this point. Take away technology there is no difference in human reaction. Article 4 section 4 of constitution no longer applies I guess, because most people believe that the constitution is to regulate the people. Which is to be expected. I say it is to be expected because most who entered in this country whether it be legally, illegally, or born in United States are not taught the constitution well enough for people to understand it’s purpose. This article would never have been needed to be written if people had studied common law or the book described in article 1 in constitution. Book “law of nations” by French author. How many people today think only white people are racist? How many people today think those that hold some conservative views are racist? How many people know about the Barbary wars in early 1800’s? How many people know that over 1000 slave owners in American history were black? Last year almost all democrats were willing to make laws against free speach. If people do not wake up and hold privacy and freedom to a high degree. This country will be in full government control whether it be the the far left version or the far right version. It doesn’t matter which both enslave and control. Constitution is the only document that stood in the way. Yet it has be changed to no longer provide balance. To the point where another civil war is to come in this country if people do not change from pride to humility, from hate to kindness, from stubbornness to open mindedness and understanding. People say moral values are the same as they were 40 years ago. Today’s society suggests something opposing that belief. Foreign countries that literally oppose American beliefs of freedom and liberty own millions of acres of American land. Those that believe in freedom of choice, liberty has most times in history been the minority. Media controlled the views of Americans which cause the slaughter of outrageous amount of Native Americans. Corruption of government had a final check/balance and it was the people and the people have failed since 1840’s technically some would say earlier. ARTICLE 4 SECTION 4 OF CONSTITUTION MUST BE UPHELD.

Can’t someone write a bot that peppers in the occasional paragraph break?


Take two tablets of indentation and brevity, and call a doctor in the morning.


What the hell is that?

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killing people is just continuation of unfriending by other means.

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You wouldn’t turn off your Telescreen would you, Citizen?


What is it with you humans copping stuff from us Jews?

I’m kinda let down here. With this headline I expected a Cory screed.

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