Grade-school gym nightmares: Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!


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Yes, they played this in my elementary school gym class too. Hated every second of it. To this day, I can’t watch The Music Man without getting a little angry at Robert Preston.


Fat Shaming by Presidential Order.


Boy that brought back nightmarish horror from grade school.


I think I heard this on Dr Demento once.


Wow. Preston is unmistakable. I’m glad I was spared this in gym class, and I can still keep reasonably good memories of him.

I don’t really have any memories of calisthenics from '72 to '76, when I changed schools and our gym teacher used Stevie Wonder to help us get our groove on. The next year, I changed schools again and had a gym teacher that was making us disco dance and take up jogging. That I learned to hate.


Our gym classes in the 80s got split up: the boys went to go do wrestling, and the girls got stuck in a small side gym with a TV/VCR and a Jane Fonda tape.


My brother hated this song so much, he scratched up our elementary school’s 45 of it, only to have it replaced by a fresh copy shortly after. :frowning:


Weren’t those girls a little old for Roy Moore? That was Moore in the cowboy hat, right?


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