That feeling when some guy is moaning and grunting in the gym


I skipped ahead a bit so I thought when one of the assistants told him what he was doing was illegal she was referring to the noises.

Gym grunts are actually an extremely important part of any workout, how will anyone know what a badass you are without them?


The part where they look at the speed of the treadmill, and are impressed.

Then, they notice the incline.

Lastly, they notice the time/distance you have left.

Oh look an obnoxious bruh got some hot baes to pay attention to him!!

This video is about as intriguing as a typical college Yik Yak feed.


I’m doing group fitness classes at the moment, and while I highly recommend them in general, there is one woman in one of the classes who has a habit of punctuating her workout with loud howls. Unfortunately, I very much doubt I can get away with approaching her and politely asking her to tone it down, particularly as the instructor also does it on occasion, even though she’s wearing a mike. :confounded:

Anyway, this sort of thing is old news. The Daily Show had a nice bit four years ago:

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At my gym last week, there was a guy doing deadlifts with the requisite loud grunts and then loudly dropping the bar from waist high onto the mat. He was making a giant douche of himself since he was only lifting maybe 100 lbs or so.

Heh, I remember back in high school weight training class, our instructor specifically forbade grunting. Anyone who grunted had to run a mile on the track.

The rule was suspended for the ab-workout section of the classes.

I think he just liked having a quiet gym. Or making fun of people. He walked up to me once when I grunted doing the leg press, and said “Naruto, buddy, you’re using too much weight. BELIEVE IT!


I’ll freely admit to growling or roaring on the last couple of reps from time to time. What I don’t do, and never will do, is sound like I’m closing on the vinegar strokes.

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I make some noise when I work out. Sometimes I just need to in order to finish a set. It might bother some people but blow me, that’s why god invented headphones.


I concur. I thought it was amusing how the old guy was complaining that he couldn’t carry on a conversation in the gym because of the grunting. You want to chat there are plenty of coffee shops to go hang out in. How about you stop sitting on a bench in other people’s way “carrying on a conversation”

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Having now actually watched the video, I question: there aren’t really people who sound like this, are there? People who aren’t purposefully going out of their way to make spectacles of themselves?

I can comprehend grunting, but the pitch and duration here is just all wrong.

I would guess that the goal of the prank is to point out that grunting can be really obnoxious, even if it’s not sex-noises levels of obnoxious.

I mean, it gets annoying when some meathead decides he’s gonna benchpress 80 extra pounds more than normal and spends 20 minutes bellowing as he struggles with the weights. Seriously, if you’re roaring while lifting weights, you’ve either probably put too much weight on the bar, or you’re doing it intentionally for attention.

I should see shrink ,

apologies to those offended? I was not trying to be malicious, sorry.

Sorry. Never quite got the “humor” of people being stupid on purpose just to see how people react. Also, purposefully making more noise than necessary makes you the jerk, and other people shouldn’t have to take additional measures to not be bothered. Headphones cut down on awareness of your surroundings, and that’s a safety issue.


I’m not sure too many people were offended. It just seems very strange that you made an account to post a long story about how you were sexually abused as a child in a thread that’s not really about that kind of thing.

Don’t run off. I’m sure you’ve got something worth while to say, so, welcome to the BBS, and I hope you don’t feel too badly.

I’ve posted personal stuff like you did, when I was getting started here too. Maybe not the best thing to do, but it’s unlikely that your personal experiences are going to offend people.

Maybe, but I thought the goal, given that the sounds are closer to sexual than something a lifter would actually make, was just to stir up some shit and get people to look at him. Especially hot babes. It strikes me as a mere, obnoxious, adolescent-boy prank.

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Not getting the point here. These guys just seem to be jerks. They are just making fun of people who grunt at the gym. People are trying to better themselves. If they make a lot of noise who cares. Mind your own damn business and don’t be a jerk. I find these little pranker types much more annoying than someone trying to exercise. Dillweeds.

I’ve never heard a guy making noises like this; I agree with you there. But I did once encounter a lady at the gym who sounded like she was making a porn film on the rowing machine. It definitely made me uncomfortable, and if I owned a gym, I might encourage my buddy to go film his prank at the rival gym instead!

I go to the gym to work out. Sometimes the type of workouts I do push me to limits and in those limits, I may make some noise. It’s not to attract attention to myself, it’s to grab that last bit of energy and adrenaline I have left and focus on the lift or the actions. Sometimes I am hitting muscle fatigue or the metabolic edge of one of the engines our body uses and that can feel like hitting an actual wall. That hurts and can require some frustration and anger to push through.

It’s not personal.

But then again, I go to the gym to work out, for myself. I don’t go there to have mochas or converse with other people or show off. I go to work.