Tip: check treadmill carefully before commencing run


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Is there a name for simultaneously laughing at something and feeling really bad about laughing at it?

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Exactly how I felt. It’s like my brain is fighting with itself.

As usual, the Germans have you covered.

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He looked so cool nonchalantly stepping onto that treadmill after talking to the woman…

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No one gives a crap that that guy slammed his head. I wonder if this is a routine thing at the gym.


With Shadenfreude, you don’t feel bad about yourself. Maybe with shadenfreudesschuld, you’d feel bad.


It’s interesting - in the everyday anglophone use of the word, I’ve always felt that the guilt or self-disgust was implied, even though, as you say, this isn’t true to the exact meaning in the German. I wonder if this says anything about the respective cultures?

But of course, you’ve correctly caught me out. I hope you’re happy.


I never thought there was any guilt/self-disgust implied with schadenfreude… I always just used it as a term of taking pleasure in others’ misfortune, period.

Also: dude, who left the fucking treadmill going and walked away? If it was guy that smashed his face in, good, he deserved it. That is super dangerous. (If it wasn’t him, I hope they yelled at whoever DID do it).

(Edited to de-dude a bit)


Schadenfreude combined with the still-awesome Fight Club quote: “Self-improvement is masturbation.” Made all the more beautiful by the treadmill-launchee’s slow recovery at the end of the video. And yeah, once he recovers from the brain trauma and the broken sternum, he’s gonna find whoever left that treadmill on and commence to beating.

“As usual, the Germans have you covered.”

I think Shadenfreude is an inversion of that, where you don’t feel bad about the happiness you feel over others’ misfortune. Maybe this is a sub-species, or the German concept of feeling joy over others’ misfortune is a much more subtle and developed part of life than we Ausländer can imagine in our hopeless, individual little universes of despair.


I am incredibly impressed by how embedly is able to provide a CDN to deal with the obvious and well-known shortcomings of Youtube’s network connections, and even more impressed by how incredibly effing annoying it can be to try to dig an actual link out of the page source.

It’s too bad that Google isn’t willing to spend the money to actually deliver the content after all that money they spent on purchasing Youtube.

Haha I love “I’m an x athlete myself” dude, he is so wrapped up in himself, he doesn’t even flinch when treadmill dude womps his head. Everyone else turns around, but x athlete dude is not going to let anything upstage his personal story.


The ‘ex-athlete myself’ dude is a relatively famous comedian here in NZ and this is pretty much his exact type of humour.

So yeah, staged, but still hilarious.

More of his stuff can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Moontv

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