Should we feel bad about feeling schadenfreude?

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Should I feel good about someone feeling bad about feeling schadenfreude?


Hah, no. Never!


Should we feel bad about feeling schadenfreude?
Should? No.
Could?. No.
Would? Still no.

In a word?



You’re conflating German phrases:
“Schadenfreude”: yes-- you should feel like a jerk for taking pleasure that someone is suffering
"Leider Geil": nope, you may take pleasure in the fact that although someone may unfortunately be suffering, the thing that caused it was pretty fricken awesome.

Yes, absolutely. Taking joy in the suffering of others is not good.

Also not everything is about POTUS Trump.

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It’s an excuse to eat pie. How could it be bad?

Schaden, I think, means shameful. So yes, you should feel terrible, otherwise it’s just ordinary joy.

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I’ll enjoy my scooten froody anyway I please

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Just think of it as follows:

Schadenfreude: “damage pleasure”, or gloating.

Leider geil: “Unfortunately cool”, or guilty pleasure.

EDIT: “Leider Geil” didn’t get traction until Deichkind made this song:

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