Gradient fill tights


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Things like this make me want to engage in transvestitism.


Très chic. But how long will they last?

All the way down to the ground.


I’d like to see some horizontal gradients…

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Isn’t that how they’ve traditionally worked?


Ha, with a perfectly even, metallic sheen? No, no even close even when they’re made out of uncomfortable, unbreathable materials that appear metallic and reflect light.

beautiful shading that is like a photoshop filter for your legs

Not my legs, believe me.

I’m surprised these weren’t around 40 years ago - it must be possible without the Magic of the Internet.

…aaaaaaand, just like that, I visit the page and see they’ve gone up to $40. Heh.

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These were a big thing two winters ago when the ombre trend first hit. They were around $20 then and pretty long-lasting. My pair is over a year old and has been through washers, dryers (I know, bad…) and a few skating mis-haps with only a small tear near top which hasn’t run. You can pretty much only do it with higher-percentage cotton opaque tights, so they’re generally high quality to begin with. If you’re worried about color running, BZR is one of the bigger Etsy sellers of them and they do a colorstay rinse afterwards, but if you do your own (tons of Pinterest tutorials) just rinse them in white vinegar afterwards for a better colorfix.

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Foreground to transparent.

If I might quote NS, an authority on hosiery

It disturbed the shit out of me when I thought about it. I was a smart boy. Smart boys are supposed to be rational. So, when I was in college I figured out a rationalization for this. There wasn’t that many women who wore sheer black stockings in college, but sometimes I would go into the city and see the well-dressed office workers walking down the street on their lunch breaks and make scientific observations of their legs. I noticed that where the stocking stretched itself thin to go over a wide part of the leg, such as the muscle of the calf, it became paler. just as a colored balloon becomes paler when it is inflated. Conversely, it was darker in narrow regions such as the ankle. This made the calf look more shapely and the ankle look more slender. The legs, as a whole,looked healthier, implying that just above the place where they joined together, a higher class of DNA was to be found.
Q.E.D. My thing about black stockings was a highly rational adaptation. It merely proved how smart I was, how rational even the most irrational parts of my brain were. Sex held no power over me. It was nothing to fear.

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