Beautiful, zeitgeisty tights

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I think the term should be Zeitie. It’s useful, why not make it short as well?

Man I miss the 80s.


Y’know, it’s fun to make fun of mullets and sprayed/teased bangs, but I think we used to dress up more then. The clothes might be silly by today’s standards but I think even casual clothes were dressier-looking. Not everyone dressed that way, of course, but I don’t really see that effort today.

RIP Chess King

I went to college in NYC. It was tights and tutus as far as the eye can see. I actually owned more than one headband. They say short skirts cause the economy to improve, so Madame President had better call her tailor.

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These are great. I will need to translate their interface, but a limiting factor is often that tights from Asia are available only in a super-small size. I am only about 5’7" and they are usually far too small for me.


I’m 6’2", so it’s hopeless for me. But that’s okay. The only times I’ve had occasion to wear tights is on the stage and at the RenFaire, and I find them unbearably itchy and maddeningly… well, tight.

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Those look nice! I wonder about that zeitgeisty feeling. Is it something like “this reminds me of what’s trending on pinterest” or is there something more to it?

Seriously, give me them. All of them.


I wonder how they look on normal sized legs.


Yup, my 1st thought also was how freakishly skinny those legs were. Shopped? Or a 5’ 10" tall, 95lb model.


Asian tights tend to be short as well as skinny, so the models might be more like 5’ 1" tall. It kills me because I find so much great stuff there that I can’t wear. I am a bit on the athletic side so my thighs are bigger around than my head. I don’t order unless I find size info.

They would look so much better on people with regular non-anorexic legs.

Body-shaming: not just for larger people!


Sorry, it don’t work that way. Have you ever seen fashion design drawings? The women in them look like mutant insects. Actual Victoria’s Secret models look fat compared to the drawings. I’d post some from my clients but then I’d get sued. But that’s the standard women are being held up to.

Here’s one I found online, terrifying, no?


I’m not saying that the fashion industry, or even a large portion of the Western world, isn’t irrationally prejudiced against larger women.

I’m certainly not saying that thin women are shamed nearly as frequently or as brutally as large women are.

All I’m saying is that it’s still body shaming when someone sneers at what look to be the legs of normal, healthy young women, and calls those women “anorexic.”


Sorry, but context matters. There was a pic in another thread about cosplay of a woman with washboard abs, a big chest and shapely butt garnering “Hot” comments . But she was a gymrat with top and bottom implants. Surgical cases and PS products being held as standards of beauty is messing with everyone’s heads.

Absolutely agreed.

That doesn’t mean someone should call a woman “anorexic” because her legs (which, again, look to be healthy enough) don’t conform to their definition of what a woman should look like.

All people should be comfortable with their body type. Even though fat-shaming is more common, that doesn’t mean that thin-shaming is okay, or that it shouldn’t be called out when it happens.


I wonder what the process is. I was going to guess dye sublimation on white tights but that doesn’t seem to be the case. And do you print them before they are tights? I guess you’d have to but how do you keep the finished image undistorted?