Grammarly cleans up your writing on virtually any platform

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Just don’t use the Chrome extension. It’s terrible:


Wasn’t this in the news just last week for making all your stuff vulnerable to outside snoopers?

I can say I use this and have the Firefox extension and think it’s pretty good!

It’s not too invasive but checks things as you go.

I keep meaning to see if I can set it to not flag words like “favourite” which is SUPPOSED to have a “u”, darn it!

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I like it but it doesn’t like WordPress via Ffox.

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I also had it pop up and say “Sorry, we can’t support this site right now” but I can’t remember what site I was on… I know it was a rather big one.

But yeah, overall, I’m happy and I’ll occasionally run a larger piece of writing through the app for checking.

I can tell when people are using grammar checkers to write to me. Their prose is lifeless, robotic; it has none of the tiddly bits of personal flavor that make for engaging reading.


Thank you for your reply to this post!

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This was on BB a few weeks (?) ago (yeah - another dupe - or too frequent repeat shilling, and it’s too late at night here, and I just can’t be arsed to find the specific link right now, TBH) and several posters at that time - including me - commented that Grammarly was not to be trusted.

If you know grammar you do not need it and it will sometimes infuriate you with its mistakes, and if you do not know grammar then trusting this WILL end up with some of your mistakes being corrected incorrectly.

Grammarly is a spellchecker that sends everything you type to Ukraine. And you’re supposed to pay for that?

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Grammarly is great. The less people can express themselves with vitality and spontaneity, the better for those of us with some kind of command of language.

It may be a clever bit of software, but talk about lulling humans into obsolescence.

Linguistic ability is a basic key marker of the capability of a brain. Don’t work on it, don’t have as good a mind as you might.

I could rail on. Basically, smart software, shit idea. Help people learn.

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