Grammarly doesn't seem to like this BBS

I’d picked up the grammarly chrome extension because ‘better spelling/grammar check? YES PLEASE.’ However, while it works on Youtube, blog posts, twitter, and the like… it doesn’t really work on this board. It SORTA works in that you’ll see the words it highlights but the menu it generates to try fixing the problem does not pop up with any consistency I’ve seen.

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I’ve seen the same issue here and with other web apps, and I’d guess this is probably because of the responsive editing window. I doubt there is much the @discourse folks can do about it. Grammarly needs to work better with sites that don’t simply produce a simple edit box.

At least you can click on the “G” to bring up a summary of issues.


This bug has been reported to Grammarly in the past, but we haven’t seen a
fix from them yet.


I just now reported the bug. The part that annoys me is with grammarly open i can’t open default spellcheck.

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I seem to remember Grammarly being sold in the BoingBoing store not so long ago.

Frankly, I’ve always treated the BoingBoing store as rubbish that exists because they need to keep the servers up so ‘hey please buy a few things and we’ll have sponsored posts for different products.’

Back on topic I just clicked a highlighted word and a pop-out editor is giving me Grammarly features. I have no idea how I did this.

I would try granddadly

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UPDATE! @discourse

Grammarly does work. You just have to hover your mouse above the word instead of on it. However, if you can find the offset ‘here is where you need to be for the context menu to pop up’ it works fine.

Also, I have noticed instances where the underscore is a word or half word over instead of on the thing it’s trying to correct.

Interesting (and still slightly pesky)! Thanks for the updated details.

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