Grandson of legendary John Deere engineer defends right-to-repair and condemns Big Ag for "taxing customers"

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I hope he’s able to make a change for the better, and wish him all the luck in the world.


The future will be ubindantly full of crap we can’t fix or repurpose. A complete 180 flip from where our grand parents came from and the values I still hold close as I’m sure most other people do too, even if they don’t know it. My grandmother used to keep the biggest ball of aluminum foil most humans had ever seen.
Edit SP.


It’s abundantly clear that you meant to say, “can’t fix”.

Now this is an example of an ancestor who would probably be very proud of their current relative.

More intelligent and honorable people like this please America


So you assume you have the “right to repair” someone else’s post, eh?

Which would be one more reason why we DO need a universal right to repair, I guess. :wink:


Indeed apologies.

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I don’t see what he’s complaining about… clearly John Deere is still making innovations in spreading manure.

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