Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles" coming to TV

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The series follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), a corrupt ex-cop turned hit man whose life is changed by a relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (voice of Patton Oswalt).

I’m all in on that one.


The Invisibles, you say?


I’m game. :smiley:


Perhaps the greatest comic book series of all time getting the Hollywood treatment… greaaaat.


I mean it’s already playing out on TV, essentially. Or had some of you NOT realized that interdimensional demonic entities are behind the Trump administration…? :open_mouth:


Some of the things that made the series so genre-defying are also what made it destined for a finite run. For example, one story arc had a team of magical commandos liberating the cure for AIDS from the secret government lab that unleashed the disease on humanity. The narrative problem with that kind of adventure is explained in the TV Trope “Reed Richards is Useless”:

To avoid trivializing real-life problems. If Mr. Fantastic actually does cure HIV in the Marvel Universe, there will be plenty of real people still HIV-positive, and plenty of researchers still investing untold millions of dollars and work hours to fight HIV when they finish the comic. This can make creators wary of tackling such issues, as it can be considered insensitive to have such a heavy burden in real life be casually miracle-cured in fiction.

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I seem to recall everyone said The Matrix was a brazen rip-off of this one, at least when they weren’t talking about Ghost in the Shell.

You’d expect another opportunity to film multiple orgy scenes would have resulted in an adaptation long before now.


Please, please, please don’t fuck it up!
Still, Preacher has turned out fun, if different to the source.
But Lord Fanny is still one of my heroes.
So don’t fuck it up.
@Papasan Just checking you know that precis isn’t for Invisibles, right?



It does kinda clear up one or two things…


I’m with you; it’s fun, horrifying, and I really like the protagonist.

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It’s pure (bloody) genius.

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yes but this isn’t a super genius curing something simply that is a real problem for people this is asserting that the real problem was actually caused by a conspiracy - a trope that many people are real into.

In fact while as someone else notes the Trump administration is explainable as being the bad guys in the Invisibles, the urge among people to vote for Trump (although super explainable by racism) can also be linked to the ease with which one believes the primary trope of works like the Invisibles.

I love the invisibles but I really don’t think it can possibly work on TV without major compromises that undermine the whole concept.

I think he’d have better luck with a more limited run thing like ‘The Filth’.

Along with Grant’s ‘Doom Patrol’, Alan Moor’s ‘Watchmen’, ‘Akira’…

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