Great backgrounder on the Hong Kong protests: what's at stake and how'd we get here?

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Just to make the minor note that the 99 year lease that ran out was for the “New Territories,”
By contrast, the island of Hong Kong itself and the Kowloon Peninsula South of Boundary street (except for the enclave of the “Kowloon Walled City,”) had previously been ceded to the British. The PRC felt that those treaties were not valid since they were basically forced upon the Emperor at the barrel of a gun.


An election committee, currently of about 1,200 people, votes and selects the chief executive, who serves a five-year term. The catch? The committee is stocked with Beijing loyalists, which means whoever wins is more or less the candidate Beijing wants to win.

So I looked up:

They are mostly appointed by corporations.

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Vox fails to articulate the 10th, implicit, question. Having started for the reasons given, are the protests happening now, while they can, and escalating because the HK youth can see - very starkly - what is in store for them when Beijing really decides the two systems cannot continue.

That being, of course, what is being done to the Uighers. HK youth are right to expect they will be next.


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