Bureaucrats disqualify Hong Kong legislative candidates for insufficient loyalty


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That image is actually at UC Berkeley, and not in Hong Kong as the image credit implies…just saying.


“The fruit will fall when it is ripe.”

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What part of this is surprising?


Perhaps not surprising, but very sad that HK has been losing its shadow war against rapacious chinese influence worming its way in.
Perhaps Hong Kong needs to go to the mattresses, so to speak.


The other issue that comes to mind: Hong Kong has long been the golden goose for china, it’s taxes propping up nonfunctional policies throughout the rest of their country.
Does the PRC truly believe it can suck the guts out of Hong Kong, and still get that regular income stream?


Bureaucrats disqualify Hong Kong legislative candidates for insufficient loyalty

All across the nation, GOP officials are weeping…


Hong Kong’s economic importance is a lot less than it once was. Really, the financial center of China is moving to Shanghai and Beijing to a lessor extent. And the politburo is probably perfectly fine with this change and punishing Hong Kong for their disloyalty.


Now where are the Hong Kong locals appointed bureaucrats to disqualify the candidates due to “insufficient backbone?”


Any economic activity draining away has limits defined by role: Beijing as a region is a scary, massively regulated trading partner that isn’t afraid to rip the rug out from under anyone, and has a really crap reputation to boot.

HK, however, is less regulated, much more pragmatic and has an excellent port.

If you need a better comparison: HK moves the washing machines, computer parts and has agreements all over to prevent piracy and high tariffs.
Shanghai moves the oil, the chemistry, 99 cent knick knacks and toys, and people.


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