Hong Kong and America: two systems, one corruption


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Isn’t this one of the big things the Occupy protests were about?

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It all comes down to the question of do voters blindly follow political advertising. It does not cost a lot to run for political office in America. It cost a lot to advertise and campaign. In America anyone can run for political office. They are not chosen by anyone. We have a country with both Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren in Congress.

In Hong Kong the people face an actual limitation of choices.

The American political system has problems. But, to compare it to Hong Kong is troubling.


The wording choice is unsettling. You could’ve gone with wrong, misleading, troubling, why unfair?

You’re right. “Unfair” was a poor choice of words. My point was that it trivialises what Hong Kong is going through. I’ll change to “troubling”.

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I find this whole article unbelievably tone deaf. While I have the utmost respect for Professor Lessig, to conflate the situation in Hong Kong with the (very real and serious) issues he raises about the USA is a bit like me telling you I have Cancer and your response being; “I know how you feel I had the flu last week”. This isn’t about you.

A better response to the events in HK would be “We support the people of Hong Kong in this struggle for real Democracy”


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