Hong Kong erupts after Beijing refuses to allow dissident lawmakers to re-take oath

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Careful, kids. Everyone knows Hong Kong is China/not China. But just like looking busy when the boss is in the office, you have to pretend to be China when the dragon eyes you…


China behaving like a ham-handed authoritarian? What a surprise.


This is almost exactly what I wanted to say!

I could perhaps add that it will take a lot of time to orbit away from China, and perhaps quite a bit of maneuvering.

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Taiwan’s a special case, though, as it is de facto independent, even though it is de jure part of China (in the eyes of both Beijing and Taipei – they just disagree on who the legitimate government is). The US has effectively guaranteed Taiwanese autonomy, even while officially recognising the People’s Republic as the sole legitimate authority in China.


Does anyone know if something similar has ever happened in the Spanish parliament?
I wouldn’t be surprised if a Basque / Catalan member of parliament refused some oath of fealty to the Spanish state or the Spanish Crown.

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