Hong Kong bookseller: I was forced to confess on China TV

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But the case has sparked international concern that China could be attempting to rein in freedom of expression in Hong Kong.

Gee, you think?


This seems to indicate that they’re more worried about internal dissent than they are about persuading Taiwan to acquiesce to unification. Because “one country, two systems” was always a dress rehearsal for unification with the Republic of China.


…And of course “they” is simplistic. More accurate to say that the elements of the PRC government that are most concerned with internal dissent aren’t being forced to stop by those who are more concerned with reunification. So that is an indication of which group holds the attention of those in charge.

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Curious what the international community will do–if anything other than issuing statements of condemnation (along with the occasional asterisk):

"The United States of America strongly condemns the extraordinary rendition actions of the PRC in illegally entering sovereign nations to abduct foreign nationals...
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I think it’s safe to say that any confession, by anyone in custody of the Chinese government, is forced.


It’s the PRC; this is a nation in the process of eating itself because it couldn’t gradually eat its neighbors, willy wonka style, and then metastasize over all of asia.

Of course they’re wheeling out the old favorites of insane regimes everywhere.

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