Hong Kong's dissident publishing workers are disappearing, possibly kidnapped to mainland

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Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
Three times is enemy action.

Hong Kong’s dissident publishing workers are disappearing, possibly kidnapped to mainland

Almost certainly disappeared by the mainland government, at this point.

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The photo used in the post shown an incorrect book store.
Please refer to

We heard some interesting stories from westerners who were working in more provincial areas. One or two were told that they had to leave the area for a while, then when they came back after a few months they had all new neighbours and no sign of the old ones. Another person was told that that town didn’t exist any more. One guy we heard about was unlucky enough to be staying with some protesters when he visited the capital. He was drugged and dropped off in another city. Westerners generally just got kicked out of the country if they did something wrong, but there were plenty of stories about what happened to Chinese people who found themselves on the wrong side of the government.


The PRC is well aware that the Taiwanese are watching the treatment of Hong Kong intensely. It appears that the PRC has decided that they just don’t care about that anymore…This is not an encouraging development.


I bet our own governments, or at least their puppet masters, are intensely watching the China govt-vs-peasants actions. And they are taking copious notes.


Some are likely envious


Pretty much the same capitalist plutocrats that took notes when the Soviet Union fell.


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