Great Battles covers 30 important battles of the western world


I always have trouble reading these kinds of maps. None of it seems quite real: The arrows don’t show how fast they moved, there’s not a sense of how firece the resistance was to that motion, and the parts of the battle that really became important aren’t really visible except as a text box.

I wish these battles were portrayed in the game engines I’m already used to, like Starcraft, or Age of Empires. I already know the time and space scales for these games, so framing these battles in terms of the units I already know, would make a lot more sense.

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Well, I’m not sure if it’s just a fluke, but I appear to have purchased the last copy from Amazon, used, for $0.01 + 3.99 shipping. 4 bucks total and it ships in 2 weeks.

Hmmm… starting to think I might be out $4 bucks?


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Oh good - they have CANNAE.

Hannibal and the 2nd Punic war and the carnage he caused was just unfathomable to me when I read about it.

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So it has nice pictures. Does it have accurate any research? Some of the other picture books out there have inaccurate research which was discredited a century ago, or have uncritically copied numbers from Caesar or Arrianus. Unfortunately the sample pages are blurry and unhelpful.

It’s quite common for shady Amazon sellers to post ridiculously low purchase prices, so they’ll show up at the top of the sort, and then make it up in shipping costs. Amazon has started defaulting to sort by price+shipping in some cases because of it.

I can’t imagine they’re making profit out of $3.99 shipping, though. Maybe they just want it out of their warehouse. or maybe they’re victims of a bidding war between incompetent auto-pricing algorithms. There was apparently a big flap in Britain during the Christmas shopping season when a popular auto-pricing provider went haywire, a bunch of robots tried to undersell each other, and whole inventories of $1000+ items went for a penny apiece.


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