Great book covers as animated GIFs

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Only muggles would find those remarkable…


Looks to me like flexible color solar-powered e-ink.

Once these displays (and the transparent solar cells, there’s a lot of energy in near-IR) get to be made cheaply in a reel-to-reel way (the holy grail of production technologies, fast and cheap and scalable), they may be in the book store near you. If there are still any bookstores out there by then…

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They’re all good but Green Eggs and Ham is so enhanced!

Green Eggs and Ham… sounds like the beginning of a health inspection report of Kwik-E-Mart.

It’s being said that hypermarkets handle meat like it’s a baby.
…when it starts stinking, they rewrap it.


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These are elegant and subtle in a way that no real book cover would ever be, if animated covers ever came to real books.

GIFs are the midi tones and blinking text of our time. We will look back on these days with shame and regret.


Agree on cover subtlety, but with regards to jifs…


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