Great Dane enjoys playing hot dog whack-a-mole

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awwwwww… good boy!!!


YouTube link for the BBS:

Pupper finally gets their treat!


I had a dog who did that with an actual mole once (well technically a vole).

It was less adorable when the dog won.


Dog videos are so much better than cat videos. Most because cats are normally so much smarter. and dogs are so much more fun.


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Slave dog inferior to humans aint cute to me.


But I must object… that’s a wiener, not a hot dog; ergo title should read “… wiener whack-a-mole”. This post has been reported to the authorities at /r/WienersAreNotHotDogs

ETA: wiener wack-a-mole sounds better, too.


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It’s from the UK. Here “hot dog” can mean either the sausage alone or the sausage-and-bread combo.

image image

And no one talks about “wieners”, except very occasionally as a deliberate Americanism for “knob”.

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A good natured and patient response from this Great Dane; I saw a similar video featuring a Pit Bull who was angered and frustrated by the teasing, potentially pushed into aggressive behaviour. I have a friend who has two Great Danes, a Chihuahua, a cat, rabbits, birds, and reptiles. She also takes in other animals temporarily from time to time. The big dogs take it all in stride (and props to the cat for not eating the birds :slight_smile: )

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