Great NY Times video parody: A Voice of Hate on America's Internet

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Toxic bigots and misogynists! They’re just like you!

The NYT, dedicated as it is to tolerance of differing viewpoints, really needs to revisit Popper’s Paradox of Tolerance. It’s really not that difficult to give their core audience a peek into the sludgepit mind of an alt-right supporter without bending over backwards to humanise him (we get it, NYT, he eats food and has pets and loves his kids) or giving him a respectable platform to spew his discredited ideas.




I wonder what folks in 50 years will think of this stretch of American history where so many people and institutions bent over backwards to rationalize and excuse the underlying sentiment fueling and being fed by Trump’s brand of populism? Sure, it seems like Trump supporters are most eager to embrace the toxic nationalism, the racism, and the sexism, but there must be something else at the core for these people, right?

Fun fact: if you printed out every thinkpiece published in the last two years that journeyed out into Trump country to talk to the great unwashed and delve into their “economic anxiety” and figure out why they really voted for Trump and set them on fire, it would be a better use of time than reading them.


That brings up something else that the NYT really needs to internalise:


It’s like Robert Zemeckis is on a decades-long project to see how far he can lure an audience into the uncanny valley…


I hadn’t heard of that movie before now–it looks weird in a good way. But this trailer should be used as a teaching aid in film school about how an interesting/quirky premise and charismatic actors can all be overshadowed by the use of the most hackneyed and cliched trailer music imaginable.

“Learnin’ to waaalk again…”

ETA: Also, Maya Angelou was black?

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I could only make it halfway into this video… I know somebody told them they should start being “content creators,” but I think they should stick to investigative journalism… Plenty of places to get some yucks on the internet. Don’t need this un-funny take on a thing we see practically everyday online.

Whoops. I think I misunderstood. Based on the headline, I thought this was actually a joke made by the NYT.

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It’s based on an interesting true story. There’s also a documentary on Hogancamp:

To be clear, the five men who beat Hogancamp were neo-Nazis.

Wait until you hear about Rob Ford (should we start a thread?)


Marwencol is an amazing movie. Thinking about it is making me all verklempt.


I wonder what folks in 50 years will think of this stretch of American history …

They’ll think of 2016-2020 the same way we think of the 1950s Red Scare: “Oh, that can never happen again. What the hell were those people thinking.”



This is not the prelude to 1930s Germany. It’s not even close. Unlike Weimar Germany (or present-day Russia, Poland, and Hungary), we have a strong constitution and strong institutions. Trump cannot erode these in 4 (or 8) years. And when he leaves in 2020 (or 2024) it’s not going to be by force (despite what Bill Maher opines).

The real place Trump (and the GOP) want to take us is a laissez-faire, pre-FDR 1910s America: no government “interference” for anything (except to aid large, established corporations, of course). De facto segregated schools (because all schools are now private and privately funded). No unions, no tort laws, no class action suits, no environmental laws or EPA, no civil litigation (arbitration only), private jails, privatization of all federal lands, no subsidized public transportation (no Amtrak), privatized mail system, no gun laws, no affirmative action or EOC, no Voters Rights Act, no Title IX, no ADA, no marriage equality, no LGBT rights, no equal-pay laws, no action on climate change, privatized health care (for those who can afford it). The one place where government “interferes” is for the precious, precious life of fetal pre-citizens: abortion (and contraception that is erroneously viewed as abortion, like Plan B) outlawed in all 50 states. If they could get away with it: outlawing travel outside the US to get an abortion; making contraception itself behind-the-counter.

And all this isn’t even Trump’s grand plan; its that of the political party he happens to have coopted. When Trump departs, this danger will continue to exist. This potential future is in no ways 1930s Germany-- but its a pretty scary place nonetheless.


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